Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Five

2. I'm determined 2010 is going to be an awesome year for me! Got some good news that I've shared, the CAPA award nomination and some good news I haven't shared yet Christmas week. Great way to end the year and plan to work hard in 2010.

3. I love decking the halls for Christmas. Taking it down? Not so much. It makes me grumpy. *sigh* I'd leave it up all year long LOL. Love all the decorations.

4. One of my resolutions this year is decluttering. Get 'er out of here. Sometimes I feel like the house is closing in around me. Note: This doesn't apply to Snoopys. *cringes* it does probably apply to books *sigh*.

5. I love comic strips. I've been reading a Peanuts 60th anniversary book I received for Christmas and a Calvin and Hobbes anthology I got for my youngest. For Better or For Worse is another fave, I've collected all the anthologies of that strip. Calvin cracks me up with his imagination. I think the youngest (and oldest) will get a kick out of that.

May the muses have Hobbes


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