Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Five (updated on Sat)

1. Bronchitis sucks. It has kicked my butt. 5 signs you know bronchitis is kicking your butt?

a. You're falling asleep while typing at your keyboard.

b. Everyone says, "You sound horrible." And you know you probably look as horrible as you sound.

c. The cats won't lay with you because you're coughing too much. And they glare at you when you try and get them to snuggle when you start coughing.

d. You keep cough medicine in your car so you can chug it as needed.

e. The clerk hands you the cough drops you just purchased at the grocery store instead of bagging them with the rest of the groceries.

2. Needless to say the writer who was already behind in writing is now further behind. *sigh* I really need to get my butt in gear and place it in the chair.

3. Girl Scout Cookies rock! 3.50 a box. Support a Girl Scout and buy some cookies!

4. Read Artemis Fowl. I have to say, pretty good book. I'll probably read the 2nd one. My oldest wants me to read the first Septimus Heap book. I'm also getting The Lightning Thief after seeing the movie trailer for it. Hmmmm. LOL a lot of Young Adult choices there...

5. Haiti. I've been watching some of the coverage. My heart and thoughts go out to the people of Haiti. How devastating. I was watching about this 11 year old girl who was pinned under a building (which also contained the bodies of about 20 family members and neighbors). It was chilling. They finally rescued her but she had a badly injured leg. I can't imagine what's going to happen to her. *update* I find myself crying. I checked into CNN and the little 11 year old girl died after finally getting free from the rubble. A CNN reporter, Anderson Coopper, termed "stupid death" was happening all over. It's a case where devastation is overriding help. Courageous things are happening as are some tragic things. I did see a clip where they pulled out an 18 month old from the rubble alive and the baby was almost unhurt. A man from the Dominican Republic put himself in danger to pull this child out. Anyway, my heart is heavy for the things going on in Haiti right now.

May the muses have Girl Scout cookies


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