Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. I have good news! Seek and You Shall Find...found a home with Liquid Silver! I'm very excited. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Do not get the stomach bug. Lysol, Purell yourself, wash your hands until they bleed. But stay away from that nasty little bugger if you can.

3. I've started the Lightning Thief and Magyck. Both very good. Oddly enough, especially with the Lightning Thief, I see a lot of the elements that Harry Potter used in the setting up of the story. They aren't the same but I see parallels. I'm going to have to put off reading both of them. Got my RITA books to judge.

4. I'm working on proofing edits for Another Dream, Another Reality. Always amazes me how much stuff I miss. I swear, I become blind to a story after a while.

5. Yes, I'm still working on the Rogue. It's been slow going. I think the story had a problem that I'm attempting to shore up. I'll keep you posted. I feel much better about it now.

May the muses have edits

PS: An added bonus: go check out this review of Another Night, Another Dream. Whoo hooooooo!


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