Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five

1. Blogged at Loose Ends on how out of practice I am at writing. Real life hasn't been kind. But I'm taking it back! Back I tell you. I've written 5 K so far this week and hoping for another 2.

2. Today did a clip on an 81 year old actress making her debut on Broadway. She's Kate Duffy's mother. Kate was an editor with Kensington who passed away a few months ago. The romance world was lesser for her passing. It's a neat story on Mrs. Duffy and she seems like quite the formidable lady. Just like her daughter.

3. Another neat story. The dogs of war. These dogs sniff out bombs in Afghanistan, saving lives.

4. Two Rita books down. Five to go. I've enjoyed the two I've read. I need to find time to finish the Lightning Thief. LOL much to oldest's dismay. She refuses to try the Lightning Thief on the grounds it might interfere with her Harry Potter addiction.

5. Okay, got a little behind in my TV watching. But have watched Castle from the last two weeks. Ummmmm whooooaaa. Each time I say, it can't get better, it does. Such an intelligent show. Just watched an episode of Dollhouse and boy, I didn't see a few things coming. Like a train they came at me. I can't wait to watch the next one, which we have taped, and the last one, which hasn't aired yet.

And a BONUS: Get what we might get this weekend?


May the muses have pets


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