Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coffeetime Romance Retreat

Loose Id's Readers' Retreat at Coffee Time Romance Starts Monday!

Some exciting events and activities have been planned! Here is just a sampling:

Lissa Matthews and Suzanne Rock will be interviewing each other on 1 March and 18 March.

On 7 March, Ali Katz will give away a copy of her book, The Highwayman. Also, anyone who visits her guestbook and signs on that day will be entered into Passion in Spades Monthly Drawing for March. She will also announce a monthly drawing on 9 March, so look for that.

On 8 March, G.G. Royale will post the humorous article "Everything I Needed to Know about Treating Other People I Learned on a Kittenplay Forum."

S.W. Vaughn will give a title away on 10 March. The reader will get to chose from three different titles.

Look for exciting theme days, when many authors may be poking their heads in to share and chat. Saturday, 6 March covers contemporary erotic romance, mystery, and suspense. On 7 March, we'll have historical, westerns, and action/ adventure. For those of you that like to let your mind explore far-off worlds, come to the forum on 13 March for science fiction, fantasy, and time travel. If you're not tied up on 14 March, stop in for BDSM and all the deliciousness that comes with that. 20 March is our last day in the forum, and that will be given over to the darker side, to the vampires, shape-shifters, and paranormal stories.So mark your calendars and your browser's bookmarks and make sure to join us throughout the month of March.

My day is March 3rd!



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