Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Five

1. Well this is going to be a winter for the record books. The past few years, we really haven't gotten a lot of snow to speak of. An inch here, an inch there. Nothing major and some winters have gotten NO snow at all. 2002? was probably the biggest last snow storm before March of 2009. 1996 was the last really snowy winter.

Boy is this winter making up for lost time. Mid December we received 12 inches. Last Saturday, we received 13.5 inches. Got a wintry mix Tuesday night. And now? We are forecast to get a winter storm that could give where I am 6-12 more. Points north and west of here? 16-24 inches! They are already saying we might get more snow next Tuesday and possibly the next weekend. It's only early February! Still a lot more winter left.

It's snowing right now...

LOL my girls are still excited by snow. But truth is, they love the idea of snow more than the reality. Neither likes the cold.

2. Yes, we shut down here when it snows. This much and we really shut down. The girls had 4 hours of school this week. One day and they went in 2 hours late. I foresee a late end to school or a loss of spring break if this continues.

3. I'm trying valiantly to write in between sledding and snow and such. I have parts I can't wait to get to!

4. I have a pretty that I can't wait to share. Soon as I can, I will. Can't wait *bounces up and down*.

5. 5 of 7 RITA books down. Had some really good ones.

Now a question: Is there a good summary site for Young Adult books that anyone knows of? The oldest is flirting with Young Adult. She's read Angie Sage, the Nicholas Flamel series, and just started Artemis Fowl. I picked up two books that looked interesting in the Young Adult section and am trying to figure out if she's ready. Readingwise, she's ready for the move. I'm just not sure what content she's ready for yet. I'd like to find out what's in the books and then talk to her beforehand for now. LOL she still looks like someone is going to set off an alarm when she walks into the Young Adult section.

May the muses have books


Blogger Unknown said...

Now I know where all our snow went. You got most of it! LOL We are having the mildest winter ever up here. Thanks for taking one for us. ;-)

9:38 PM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL you can take some back. Really, we don't mind.

It's just amazing to me. I drive around and everything is covered in white. Even when we get snow, it usually doesn't stick around like this. That's why the usual procedure is wait until it melts.

11:03 AM  

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