Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. Yes, I have written this week, just about every day. I'm psyched. Still feel like there is a lot of story to go. But I'm plugging along. Maybe half way through...

2. I posted at Trampy Vamps today on movies made from books and how I don't like it when the movie deviates too far from the book. Also posted today at TRS Blue on snowstorms and sex scenes. Posted at Authors of Erotic Romance on Tuesday about who the first couple I remember rooting for to get together.

3. The snow is melting! It's lasted amazingly long for us. Usually within a day or so, we hit the 50's and the snow is a thing of the past. I think some of those huge piles might be around a week from now. I saw more grass today than I've seen in three weeks.

4. Grrrr. Oldest has told me several things about Artemis Fowl, books 2-5. She got to them first. Still may read them. She's read books 4-5 this week. Stayed up way late one night reading. LOL now she's paying for the late night reading session. I told her it wasn't the first time and if she's anything like me, won't be the last time.

5. Realized how close RT (the Romantic Times Convention) is and how busy my March is today. I'm trying to get stuff together in my head at least for RT. LOL. I did clean off my desk this week, yay me! and have mostly caught up on email. Let's see in addition to cleaning house, writing, blogging, dealing with kids and pets, I'm doing the project board for my youngest troops' Thinking Day, and I'm organizing exhibitors for the spring carnival at youngest's school. I also sewed on badges/patches to my oldest's vest. I have the needle sticks to prove it.

May the muses have good books


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