Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five

1. What I've written so far on the Rogue got a pass by a critique partner. So far so good. I'm plugging away at the writing. I really know where the story is going and want desperately to get there LOL but the words are coming along slowly. I posted at Loose Ends on the tribulations of writing when it isn't going quickly.

2. We got passed over by snow! It missed up, despite what the forecasters started calling for. My youngest keeps saying, "No more snow this year." She wants summer. There is a storm heading for us next week that they say, "We need to watch." As Girl Scout cookies are supposed to be delivered next week, LOL, I know I'll be watching. Last year, our delivery wasn't disrupted but several troops in the area had their delivery postponed.

3. The youngest is doing multiplication of two digit numbers by a one digit number. She can do it, except they want her to do it a multitude of different ways. Estimation. Breaking it down into three separate problems. She does way better just straight out multiplying. Understands that concept completely, just sometimes makes careless errors. *sigh* she hates doing them the other ways. Says they confuse her. I have a feeling the test is not going to go so well. I understand they want her to be able to check her answer and they want her to understand what she's doing when she multiplies it out, but if she can do the problem, why worry about these other ways?

4. Reading Karen Rose's Count to Ten. Sort of neat because I've read books with the supporting characters as the main characters. Rose does very well at pacing. I find myself turning pages well after I said I'd stop reading because I want to know what happened.

5. Watched the pilot episode of Castle and the next three episodes of the first season Okay, that show is a labor of love for the writers and directors. And the actors. Some of the scenes were so well done. The hubby said, it sometimes takes a few episodes for a show to hit the ground but this one, not so much. With Castle, things were maybe a little off the first 15 minutes. And even that was good. The cast is well picked. The entire show is smartly written. The direction is awesome. There was one scene that just had me riveted by the actor's faces and the way the camera shifted between them. I love this show! One thing I really like about it? Castle is a flirt, a ham, a bit of a cad. But he's a parent. Not just by lip service but by his actions. He loves his daughter and does his best for her. I loved that she'd never had a nanny. There is also an episode about her friend being drunk in the second season in which Castle acted like a true parent. Keep tugging on those pigtails, Castle, because I want to keep watching.

May the muses have Castle


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