Tuesday, February 09, 2010

When it snows, it pours--apparently with good news too!

Oh my where to start?

Today is release day for Another Dream, Another Reality! Whooo hooo. It's the sequel to Another Night, Another Dream and follows Cassie, Aden, and Leo as they deepen their relationship.

The blurb: Cassie never intended to let them get to her. Her relationship with Aden and Leo was supposed to be strictly “fun.” But even as she hides from them making demands on her heart and her life, they start to mean too much. Then she's threatened with the loss of her job if she keeps the relationship going. They talk her into a trip to the mountains to try to work things out, but once she's there she has a change of heart and wants to leave them. For good.

Only the car won’t start. So now, she’s trapped at a gorgeous cabin in the mountains with two delicious men who want to win her heart.

Aden and Leo have their own issues with the relationship they’ve moved into, and they know that Cassie has been trying to avoid getting deeper with them. They use their time stuck at the cabin to work through it all.

What starts serious turns into fun, but as life sets in, will they find their relationship a dream or a reality?

To read an excerpt go here.

Remember that pretty I mentioned on Friday? It was the cover to Another Dream, Another Reality. Want to see?

I'll share the banner too.

Needless to say I'm a happy girl, especially with one more bit of good news. Another Night, Another Dream was reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed and selected as a Joyfully Recommended Read for February! Shayna said, "Another Night, Another Dream starts out hot and just gets hotter as it goes on. Mechele Armstrong has masterfully blended steamy hot sex with longing and love in this fantastic tale. Cassie, Aden, and Leo are all characters who are sure to grab your heart... I love that all three of them worked to see the heart of each other. When these three weren’t burning up the page with their passion, they were melting my heart and it was absolutely impossible for me not to become invested in their romance. Another Night, Another Dream is a decadent treat I absolutely loved reading. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Armstrong and it definitely won’t be the last. Joyfully Recommended."

Whoooooo hoooooo!

May the muses have new releases



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