Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five

funny pictures of dogs with captions

1. Looks just like Mike Rowe LOL. Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows right now. "Get ready to get dirty!"

2. I went to a concert last night! Jonathon Coulton and They Might Be Giants. I LOVE Jonathon Colton. Just him and his guitar for most of the songs. He did pull out a sound board (not sure of term but it did drums and other sounds). Called us a bunch of dorks when we all cheered at the sounboard. LOL. He didn't play one of my favorites, Code Monkey, but did a lot of songs I like, like Future Soon, Ikea, and re: Your Brains. They Might Be Giants were pretty good but their sound was distorted. Not sure why. They had a great stage show with LED lights and lots of energy. Great evening. I hope Jonathon Coulton comes back SOON!

3. Yes, I'm writing and the end is in sight. I just got to a major plot twist and had a ball writing it. I think I've got about 20 K to go. I'm finally kicking the butt of this book!

4. Did anyone watch Castle? OMG. It dealt with a bondage club. Lots of skin and playing around with the sexuality of it all. And it wasn't even sweeps.

5. Have to shut down one cookie booth, start and shut down another cookie booth, start yet another cookie booth, and have 1 girl scout meeting and one birthday party this weekend. Just a lil busy. I hope I find some time to be at the keyboard!

May the muses have Girl Scout cookies


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