Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

funny pictures of dogs with captions

You don't disturb someone reading...I mean really. LOL. When oldest and I read, you do have to get our attention or we're not hearing you.

2. I have finally put music on my Iphone. LOL. The hubby has been after me for months. I just never seemed to get around to it. I have odd tastes. I put quite a bit of Jonathon Coulton on and put a lot of my "old" alternative stuff, Eve 6, Rancid, Wheatus, Dave Matthews, Blink 182. I really need to buy some Sugarland, too. *makes a note*.

3. I'm doing tent camp training this weekend for Girl Scouts. I will be gone from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon with little Internet access. Withdrawal will commence in 5.4.3... At least it's going to be pretty! 75ish on Sat with rain moving in late on Sunday. Temps at night will be chilly, 40's but not 30's. Thank goodness. I'll be hiking Saturday.

4. I'm finally getting a rhythm down on the Rogue. I have about 15 K left I think. One of the things I'm doing, is giving up on writing every day. *sigh* It's been a pipe dream for a while now. Instead, I'm trying to keep regular "office" (read "writing") hours a week. We will see how that works.

5. The hubby and I have been discussing Cons. Neither of us like crowds so that's an issue when it comes to them. Most of them are pretty big. However, there are several that we really would like to attend "one day." I wish the hubby were going to PaxEast this year. He's big into gaming and a lot of people he likes/listens to are going, like Will Wheaton, Jonathon Coulton, Paul and Storm, Larry Herb. We said maybe once the kids are older, we can spend a whole year doing Cons LOL. Course I really think both of my kids will like going to Cons themselves. Yeah, I'm raising geeks. What did you expect? *G* I'm a geek myself.

May the muses have science fair due in two weeks


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