Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

1. Writing continues. I'm in the home stretch. The home stretch is sexy! LOL. Building up the relationships. I hope to finish next week. *crosses fingers*

2. Lookee lookee! I love Anne Caine. Love this cover. Final edits have gone back. So pretty soon, I should have a release date! If you look over in the Liquid Silver Forums, an excerpt has been posted. Wheee.

3. RT is coming up super fast. Eek. I survived tent camp training, had great weather btw. Cooked over charcoal, fire, in a Dutch over, and in a box over that my leader and I made! Now that I'm through that, gotta focus on getting ready for RT.

4. Finished off my Stroke of Midnight entries that I was judging. I have to say, some very good entries this year. Was very impressed with the quality.

5. Okay, who watched Castle last Monday? Those evil evil people! That ending. OMG. I knew it was a two parter but that ending! I can't wait for Monday night.

May the muses have great covers


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