Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Five

1. Love love this promo video for Deadliest Catch. Love the faces. The music suits Deadliest Catch so much. I kept hearing it and going "that sounds like Pearl Jam." Duh, it's Eddy Vedder with Rise. And it's got Captain Phil Harris who passed away between King Crab and Ophilio season. He will be missed. I'm looking forward to the new season though I'm probably going to cry.

2. 1.25 scenes to write. I really really really really really hope to get it finished up today. I had a spurt yesterday of 3 K and lost track of time writing. It's been a good week for writing so far. Can you tell I really want to finish it? Polish up the Rogue and submit next week. Whooo hooooo!

3. Today does mark the dawn of Spring Break for the kids. They have lots of plans for me. We are going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid today with some friends. Also going to a park because the weather is gorgeous. They also want to try and sleep in a tent one night. With my tent training, hee...I should be ready!

4. After this book is submitted, I'm spring cleaning. The clutter in my house is about drive me insane. Two pack rats should never marry and definitely shouldn't procreate. Everyone wants to save everything, and we don't have the storage for it. I have major plans for the room where my desk is. Only 1/4 belongs to me right now. But I have major plans for it! I'm tired of not wanting to turn my back due to all the clutter.

5. Castle rocked. The writers are evil for the two parter but my gosh, what a good story it was. Well worth the wait. The end was pure Castle in character. That show just gets better and better.


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