Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Seven

1. I submitted! Whoo hooo and sick feeling. Now the waiting begins. My fingers are crossed. Let's hope what I hear is positive!

2. After spending all day in Charlottesville with my sister, Friday night we had a spring carnival. I was a volunteer so worked my butt off. Then my youngest's troop had a yard sale with another troop. Got up at 5 AM and worked my butt off until after 12. Hmm maybe I will get some of that butt off! But that's why this blog is so late.

3. Five blogs for the price of one...

Trampy vamps on living forever

Authors of Erotic Romance on perspective

TRS Blue on longer days

Loose Ends on a wrap of a writing troubles

BWB on Avery Labels

4. Remember to tell those who you love how much you love them. Life is short. There are some things going on that are reminding me of that. We are only here a little while. Try to touch lives in positive ways. Sometimes people come into our lives and they are only there a short time. But the impact they have on our lives is major. Letting go is never easy but we all have to do it at some time or another.

5. I leave for RT in two days! Eek! Guess I better start packing huh? LOL actually I have, CD's, stuff for giveaways. I just haven't packed any clothes yet! Ack!

6. Schedule for RT: In case you want to find me!

Club RT 2:30-3 on Wed
writing with partners 3:45-4:45 Wed with Melissa Lopez and Mari of Marissa Alwin
Club RT 9:30-10 on Thurs
Faery Court Ball on Thurs
Menage panel 11:15-12:15 on Friday
Ebook expo 4-6 on Friday
Sat book signing 11-2

7. Dr. Who rocks. The premiere was last Saturday and we watched that and the episode last night. Love the new Dr. Heh, my kids are getting into Dr. Who.

I will try and set up something to post while I'm gone. But in case I don't...see you on the flipside!
May the muses have blogs


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