Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Five (the partial RT recap version)

Oh my, where do I begin?

Things were a little hectic before I went to RT so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. As usual, I had a very fun time and came back slightly inspired.

1. Tuesday--We, my ride buddy, Ann and I left Richmond early. A little after 8 or so. I'm used to driving North and East. What a big difference West makes. Little traffic for most of the way. And beautiful scenery. West Virginia is just gorgeous! With GPS we arrived at the hotel without a hitch. It was around 9 to 9.5 hours I think.

We schlepped in the hotel and got settled in our rooms. I parked. Picked up my registration bag. Found Melissa and Sam Cheever. Saw Kelly, a friend from previous RT's. Sam, Melissa, and I went looking for dinner. I was quite tired so I ended up talking them into ordering pizza. Donatos. It was yummy. Supermeat!

Mari aka Maureen came in later that night. Melissa had already gone to sleep. Mari and I talked a few minutes, then I went to bed myself.

2. Wednesday-- Got up and went to the morning mixer. Coffee and pastries. Yummm. They did a tribute to Kate Duffy. I got very teary. Kate was important part to the industry and I looked forward to seeing her at Cons. Kate Douglas spoke, as did a friend of Kate's, and I believe Lucy Monroe spoke. Jacquelyn Frank spoke from her heart about Kate discovering her. What a story.

Went to a couple of panels. One was on Buffy, which I really enjoyed. Joss Whedon rocks. Did some Club RT time. Dropped off my basket for Club RT. Mari aka Maureen, Melissa, Stella Price and I did a panel on cowriting. Not so well attended but we did get some good questions. Cathy Clamp was in there, too and she offered her perspective on writing with someone. It's always interesting to me how people do the cowriting thing.

I realized in conversations with Mari and Melissa about a panel they took, I have overextended my non writing committments. I'm going to have to give up some things. I just do not have enough time to write and do everything I'm doing both professionally and privately. I have made a list and am going through it very carefully....

Met with some Liquid Silver authors and Tina Burns. That was nice. I really enjoyed sitting and chatting. Lynn Lorenz and Trista Ann Michaels were two that I got to sit by and chat with. Other names escape me at the moment. I know I'll call them mind as soon as I hit post.

We tried to walk to a local restaurant with some friends but two ended up going back. Mari, Melissa, Sam, ZA Maxfield and I had dinner together. Enjoyed talking with everyone. Melissa and I got the giggles and they were indeed reminded of why we shouldn't sit by each other.

Wed night was the EC party. It was very very nice. I had a blast. The show was good and funny. Mark Johnson rocked as emcee. They played my favorite song...yes, what a great DJ.

We went to bed, tired and happy.

3. Thurs--Faery Court ball was being held this very night so I spent a good bit of my day helping set that up. We had chairs to push in, a stage to arrange, and books and bling to sort out. Had a practice where we learned the skit to be done.

I had more time at Club RT and was delighted to be interviewed by Rayna from Naughty Editions. I could have talked to her for longer than we did! I love Club RT and sitting and talking to people.

I put in for a few baskets in Club RT, things I really really really wanted to win LOL. That will be important later...

Had a quick lunch with Trista Ann Michaels, a fellow fae and menage panelist.

I think the Loose Id spotlight was at some point and I popped into that. I also attended most of the agent panel but missed the editor panel.

Dressed for Faery Court and almost forgot my wings! I had to go back in and get them. I opted for small wings this year so I can fit through doorways and didn't bump people with them. I put on a couple of temporary tattoos. My earrings I bought to wear, broke, so had to go with smaller ones.

Had fun backstage with the Fae. Susan Saville, Cathy Clamp, Cie Adams, Sahara Kelly, Alesia Brio, Samantha Gail, Liddy Midnight, Amanda McCyntire and Janet aka Cricket Starr. Alesia, Samantha and I were the Earth Faeries.

Mark Johnson and friends did an amusing skit LOL. Their props were stuff from around the hotel.

I managed to eat without falling or sending any food down my dress. Terry, one of the guys from the Fae skit, and Samantha Gail and I had some interesting dinner conversation.

Costume competition was judged. Stephanie Burke had this awesome costume that I'm not sure how she walked in. The winner for our group was amazing. One woman finaled in three categories.

They played my song again and I had a blast dancing. Went out to sit and talked to Lynn Lorenz, Trista, Z.A., Belinda McBride, Lacey Savage, and another author whose name escapes me. Good, funny conversation.

It was then cleanup time for the faeries. And bedtime. My roomies were already asleep.

More on RT later...

4. I am writing since I came back! I met my goal for the week, which was nice. I love the story, LOL though I'm not sure how well it will go over.

5. Saw Iron Man 2 last night. I loved it. Robert Downey Jr was awesome. I love Pepper. The actions scenes were intense. And the humor was hilarious.

May the muses have writing


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