Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five (the partial RT recap version part II)

More on the RT experience...

1. Friday: It's a little bit of a blur... LOL.

Got up, ate breakfast with the lovely roomies, Mari and Melissa and met Sam Cheever. I believe Belinda McBride joined us.

Had the menage panel that I did with Trista Ann Michaels, Lacey Savage, Liddy Midnight, and Samantha Kane. We had the best time! Really enjoyed talking and people told us we gave a great talk on the ins and outs of menages. We all write differently so lots of different perspectives. I think this would be one of my favorite highlights of the conference.

I attended the Loose Id gathering, always a fun time. Love seeing Treva Harte anytime.

Checked in my ebook CD's for the ebook expo and had a great time signing there. I love people coming up and talking to them. Gave away 30 excerpt CD's and sold an ebook on CD.

Went to the vampire ball and danced a little bit. Saw Stella Price again.

2. Sat: booksigning day! I got up early, went to breakfast to find out that Einstein Brother's Bagels only opened during the week. Bummer. Since eating them at RT, I have craved bagels.

Reason I got up early: Karen Rose was having a reader event. I adore Karen Rose's books. They are thrillers, romantic, and just awesome. I was so so so so excited to find out she was going to be at RT. I went and played the games, it was a lot of fun. Karen Rose is the nicest lady. She signed all of the books I'd brought with me because I asked her to sign one, because you could only bring so many into the booksigning and I was over. I got a Karen Rose mug! I squeed over her but was good and didn't fall at her feet or anything. Just did the usual, "I love your books!"

Ahem. So then it was the booksigning. Loved talking to all the people walking by. Signed quite a few books. Got to get a book signed by Lora Leigh *squeee*. Had Ann buy a book from Karen Rose and get it signed for me. I wish wish wish, I'd gotten the third book of the trilogy she wrote signed. I have two now. Wish I'd gotten the third *sigh*. They were the books that turned me onto Karen Rose and have been going through her backlist. But I digress...

Neat thing. I sat beside Lori Armstrong. *squee* I bought her new book. I can't wait to read it!

Second neat thing: I sat two seats down from Kelly Armstrong. I got her to sign a couple of books. She wrote young adult as well as romance. It was so neat to see how many young women were coming through her line.

Melissa and Sam Cheever left :(. I miss them!

I had lunch with Mari and another friend, Diane. Had a fan come up and squee over me. *blinks* I'm still not used to that. Was a neat moment. Another favorite moment from RT.

We went to the SOS mixer which was good. I'm not sure I've mentioned Kelly but she was heavily involved in the SOS mixer and I know her from previous RTs.

I packed a bit. We ended up having pizza in the room from Donatos, which was Yummmmm.

3. Sunday, I arose early and quietly. I tried to sneak out without waking anyone but Mari caught me for a quick hug. I had seen the weather the night before and was worried about flash flood warnings so I wanted to get on the road early.

Ann and I took off and had no trouble at all getting home.

It was an awesome RT as usual.

4. I wrote a Blog at Savvy Authors on the A to Z's of characterization.

5. Yippeee for me. I almost made the low end of my writing goal last week and I'm almost there this week. I've written about 14K since I've been home from RT. I'm worried the story is too geeky LOL. But am really enjoying it.

Bonus: So a couple of months ago I went to see Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants, mainly for Coulton. So not long after that, I see a blog from Coulton and he's now coming to Richmond, himself with Paul and Storm. Needless to say, I sort of agonized because we'd just been to see him but this was his show, not just him as an opening act. It was during the week so I ended up finding a kidsitter. OMG, what a great concert. Paul and Storm are hilarious. I really enjoyed them. And Coulton is awesome. Gotta love a musician who plays songs about squid, zombies, math, mad scientists, evil villains, ikea, and the dog who went up in Sputnik. He also played Code Monkey, one of my favorite songs. Definitely worth the trouble it was to go!

Okay, I'm off to a Field Day!

May the muses have code monkeys


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