Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five

1. The hills are alive with sounds of...writing! Since RT I've been writing a lot. This week has so far been killer. I've written 10 K! I'm on the downward slope. One more scene. I'd like to get it polished up this weekend as I have another project that needs my attention. More on that later...

2. I'm going to see the Sound of Music today! Oldest is going on a field trip, and I get to go with her. Youngest says she wants to see it so we may end up seeing it twice. I have been trying to take advantage of this year with oldest. I know with middle school, she's not going to want me there as much. There is already a difference.

3. Been listening to a lot of Paul and Storm. We went to see them last week, and hubby bought their collection. LOL they are an interesting pair. We also found some Jonathan Coulton songs that we didn't have so bought those as well. "I Crush Everything" about a giant squid is becoming a new favorite listen along with, "Opening Band" by Paul and Storm.

4. I have so much to sew! Yikes. Both girls will have stuff after this weekend to get on their current Girl Scout vests. And bridging is in about two weeks for both of them, so have to get the new level vest ready to go. *looks down at fingers* sorry guys.

5. Okay the last episode of Castle...OMG. Soo very good. Just when I think they can't get any better, they do. Love Beckett and Castle. They can say so much with just a face. Hubby told me Esposito is leaving :>(. Love him as a supporting character. Big Bang was good, too with how Leonard and Sheldon met. LOL now I know what happened to the elevator. Heh!

May the muses have bazinga


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