Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

1. My new story is finished and awaiting the polisher. Soon, very soon. I will polish it to an inch of its life and then submit...

2. First round of revisions are done on Settler's Mine: The Rogue, waiting to hear back on those. May have a round 2...

3. Second Field Day is supposed to be today. It was super hot yesterday but supposed to be cooler today. I hope the rain holds off until after. It's oldest's last Field Day *sniffle sniffle*. They did a lot of water games last year.

4. Love my Richmond SPCA! They are so very awesome. They adopted out 16 dogs day before yesterday, a record for a Wednesday. Yesterday, oldest took the bandannas she did for the Bronze Award (Girl Scouts) and delivered them. She was very very excited. She did them because she wanted to help dogs have a better chance at being adopted. The SPCA staff loved the bandannas and put them on several dogs before we left. Well, that just made oldest's day. She wanted to come home and sew more. We do intend to do more and deliver them every so often. There are some really wonderful dogs and kitties in need of homes if you're in the Richmond area and looking. Kitten season has started and they are busy busy.

5. Got caught up on Chuck. The season finale was AWESOME. Little sad (I won't spoil) but I'm really loving the direction that it's heading.

May the muses have SPCAS


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