Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Five

1. Sick feeling has already commenced. I have submitted the latest story. Uggh. I hate that feeling. I will be starting the next story soon. I already know what it will be! Hopefully just as fun as the last. And I have this other idea...

2. School is winding down! Only two more weeks from today. I'll probably post my summer hope list either next week or the week after. I'm sure there will be lots on it LOL. There always is. More on the list than there is summer.

3. It's kitten season. If you're wanting a kitty or kitten, now is the perfect time to go to your local shelter and find the purrfect one to adopt.

4. I toured the Central Virginia Food Bank on Thursday. What they do for the community is incredible. Not only do they feed lots who wouldn't eat without them, they collect pet food for needy families with pets and books for their Feed the Mind program. It's incredible to think about people going hungry in this day and age but they do.

5. Am caught up on Deadliest Catch. It's been an interesting season so far with Edgar, the Cornelia Marie's troubles. I think they'll be getting to Captain Phil Harris soon :>(. I'm glad he got back on the boat one last time. He's been so alive this season, hard to believe.

May the muses have 4 stars from RT (did I mention this?? *Grins*)


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