Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five

1. Have submitted and wait to hear back. Sick feeling has commenced. Now the hard part, the wait. I did hear back on my revisions for the Rogue and they worked so that's good to go.

2. Leave early tomorrow morning to go camping with youngest and her troop. Should be a fun trip, with hikes, outdoor cooking, tents, and a pool. They bridged last Sunday to Junior Girl Scouts. No more Brownies! Oldest bridges tonight. She'll be a Cadette Girl Scout.

3. Oldest got her reading list for 6th. She's mad because there are two books she "has" to read. There's also 5 books where she gets to pick one. I think she likes having the choice but isn't excited about what she has to do. LOL yeah she better get used to "having" to read. I did sign everyone up for the summer reading program at the library. Whoo hooo!

4. We bought some furniture recently and I don't think I'm ever going to get to stain it *sigh*. It's either been busy or there has been a chance of storms. Eventually, these pieces will get poly put on them and stained. I swear it!

5. The new Deadliest Catch made me teary. I know what happens with Phil and he was talking about "Not being around for much longer." Broke my heart. There was footage of him with both of his sons and talking nicely about them. One of the neat things for his sons is there is so much footage of him. I know it doesn't ease the pain of loss but that's such a lucky thing. I'd love to have more video of my mom and dad.

May the muses have video


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