Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Five

1. Ugh. Summer break has been...odd. Youngest got up on Monday saying her ear hurt. I figured it was swimmers ear but we trekked to the doctor anyway. Not swimmers ear. An ear infection! She hasn't had a cold in weeks. So that was out of no where. Explains her grumpies over last weekend. Then the dog got up Wed and threw up 9 times. Oh joy. I was worried about dehydration and she was looking like she didn't feel so good. So off to the vet she went. She of course stopped throwing up once she went there. They treated her symptoms and sent her home. I'm thinking she ate something but I don't know what. Usually I have a suspicion like the corn cobs she loves to snack on. We haven't had corn on the cob in weeks though. Hubster and oldest had checkups, which were unremarkable, except for the three shots oldest had to get and the fact hubster had to have blood drawn. Which he gloatingly pointed out didn't leave a bruise on him.

Hopefully next week will calm down some.

2. I've mapped out a little about my next story. Have started it briefly. Still need to plot out my dragon story...

3. We are going to Savannah July 9-12 with youngest's Girl Scout troop. Should be very very fun. I'm looking forward to it. Hubster is looking forward to a quiet house LOL.

4. Have stained the bookcase for the Snoopy collection. It's awesome. Now onto the desks and soon, my new kitchen table. Whooo hoooooooooooo! Just have to find the time....

5. Deadliest Catch is breaking my heart. *sniffle* the whole episode on Tuesday was an emotional rollercoaster. I know the outcome for Captain Phil. I feel bad for his boys. Poor Jake A. on the Northwestern. They all seem to be dealing with mortality this season and aging.

May the muses have better days


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