Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday More than Five

It's the unofficial start to my summer as the girls get out of school today, which means it's time for the edition of summer plans.

1. Write. I'd like to get a spin off written of the last story I wrote, the geek story.

2. Read. Oldest and I have started discussing books that's she's reading. She's on a dragon kick. I read Dragonsdale and we discussed it. Next up is Dragon Slippers for June. I told her I was going to pick SOME books.

3. Spend time at the library. Youngest needs a push to read and am hoping she'll meet her summer goal so we can have an end of summer celebration. She loves comics and graphic novels. Calvin and Hobbes has become a favorite. Oldest is sneaking into the Teen section more and more.

4. Go to Water Country and Busch Gardens. I'm hoping we spend some time at both parks. Our best friends here have passes so hopefully we can get in a few trips.

5. Volunteer at the SPCA. Oldest is joining animal brigade. She wanted to do it anyway, and her middle school has a community service requirement. I figure I can get in some laundry time with youngest while oldest is doing her thing.

6. Go to Savannah. Hmmm, LOL, that one is on the schedule! Youngest's troop is going and I'm dragging oldest along with me. We go to Juliette Lowe's house, eat at a pirate house, have a trolley tour, a ghost tour, and wade through a marsh. Should be fun. And hubster gets to stay at home by himself LOL.

7. Go to the beach! We all want to do this. Just have to find days off that hubby can take. I'd like to take the girls on a day trip, too.

8. Find fireworks on the 4th. Love the fireworks.

9. Visit with family. Would love to spend some time with my sisters and my mother in law.

10. Learn to use a sewing machine. *shudders* Yes, I need to learn. The girls got one from grandma and they are itching to sew. It would also help when I have patches/badges to sew on their Girl Scout vests. I do so much damage to my fingers with needles hand sewing, I'm a little nervous a needle with a motor behind it.

Bonus: 11: I'd also like to spend time at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.



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