Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Five

1. I'm a bad bad blogger. I missed last week. I could blame it on vacation fatigue or the kids or a lot of other stuff. I'll just say my mind was in other places.

2. Savannah was awesome! Very hot but fun. We were kept busy. We went to First Headquarters, the first Girl Scout headquarters, went geo-caching, went to the birthplace of both Juliette Low and Girl Scouts, did A Rainy Day in 1870 workshop, took a tour, walked around, took a ghost tour, took a trolley tour, walked around some more, went to the candy factory, went to Tybee Island, played ankle deep in the ocean while straining for critters, toured the Marine Science Center, and walked a little ways into the salt marsh. We took several days of rest after we came back LOL.

3. All first round edits are done on Settler's Mine: The Rogue and back with the editor. Next up, line edits.

4. Going to be undergoing major changes here. We are moving. *blinks* yes, moving. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. Lots of stuff to do!

5. Deadliest Catch has been excellent. It hasn't been too sad and it's been put together beautifully. The scenes where you found out Captain Phil Harris had passed interspersed with the other captains riding out the storm...powerful, yet not melodramatic.

May the muses have new (to me) houses


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