Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five

1. In a holding pattern with writing. Too busy to get a lot done. Why busy?

2. Two weeks from today we close on the house and move that weekend. Trying to get everything in the house portable. Fun fun. Critters know something is up but not what.

3. Read Lisa Jackson's Hot Blooded. Pretty good book but I found one thing a little too coincidental. She definitely knows how to write a scary villain.

4. Anyone else ready for fall? The heat is getting to me. It's been humid as can be. Storms every Thursday for the last month.

5. Am loving Warehouse 13. Claudia really adds to the show and her and Artie crack me up. Have been watching Eureka and Haven, too. Hubster thinks maybe we have been missing out by not watching Eureka.

May the muse have boxes


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