Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. I do live! I know I missed a couple of Fridays but am back now. Moving has been....hectic. Very hectic. We had to get enough stuff out of our house for the movers and carpet people. Then we had to get our old house ready to go on the market. Cross your fingers it sells quickly. Combine that with starting school and things have been CRAZY.

2. I blogged at TRS Blue on Bad Boys.

3. I have been writing. Not nearly fast enough but I'm getting there. I love Code Monkey and I have a dragon story that's yelling to be written. I hope to get both done over the next couple of months and submitted.

4. Chickens in the Road is a blog I've read for many years. They are celebrating a new baby calf! I have calf envy. LOL think my new subdivision would freak if I got a cow. But Glory Bee sure is cute.

5. I've been absorbed by Warehouse 13. Have really enjoyed their summer season. They had a cliffhanger this week and the season finale is next week. We also just started watching Eureka. Pretty good. May have to go watch the previous seasons. I can't wait for Big Bang to premiere next week. I need to see when Castle comes back too!

May the muses have envy

PS I'm camping this weekend on with other Girl Scout leaders/assistant leaders/volunteers. Next weekend I go camping with oldest. Oh well, least it is cabins.


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