Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. Ugh. I have a cold. Or rather "I hab a code." You know it's bad when you tell the kidlets you don't think you can do something fun that you've offered up because you're not up to it and they say, "We know. we can hear it in you voice. You don't look like you feel good."

2. Writing is going. Not sure what I will write today LOL. I actually wrote on Code Monkey and my special moonlight story both this week. I'm over half way done with moonlight, which makes me very happy. I don't usually write on two things at once so am very surprised at being compelled to do it now. I need to find a title...

3. Kidlets and I did three hour long shifts in the banned books reading room at our local library. I was so so excited. Books we read for the hour: It, Harry Potter, Boys are Dogs, The Color Purple, A Light in the Attic, Scary Stories, The Supernaturalist, Are you there God? It's me Margaret?, and Salem's Lot. Salem's Lot has special significance for me as my own school library pulled the book from the after one complaint :(. I'd read it as a 10th grader and done a book report on it. The girls and I discussed book banning/challenges and why I think it's the wrong thing to do. Lots of discussions, which was great.

4. Castle and Big Bang are awesome this year. Both shows are keeping me captivated. We discovered Eureka over the summer, watched the new season. We've been going back and watching the older ones.

5. I'm getting into Young Adult books. Holy wow are there some good choices out there. Oldest recently read the Eragon trilogy. She was upset there isn't a 4th book out yet when she finished the 3rd one. I'm reading Eragon and enjoying it. Melissa Marr is coming to the local library system so I checked out Wicked Lovely and read it. Haunting book. It didn't end like I thought it would, definitely not romance. I'm intrigued. I've checked out the next two books from the library. Oldest also read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and told me I should read it. I'm a 100 pages in and think it will be a book I can't put down until I'm done. Oldest asked me at our last banned books room stint had Hunger Games been banned anywhere. I looked but didn't see anything, which disappointed her because she wanted to read more in the second one LOL. I already knew what it was about and said I wouldn't be surprised if it does show up on a banned books reading list sometime soon. As engrossed as I am in it, I find that thinking sort of sad.

May the muses have books to read


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