Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Five

1. I finished my newest novella. Need to name it! It finished about where I thought it would in terms of word count. Onto editing and submission next week. And I need to get back to Code Monkey.

2. It's finally cool here! I'm loving the fall weather. It's not too cold but definitely a nip in the air.

3. It's incredibly busy already. I can't imagine what the holidays are going to be like. Even on our down days, we wind up doing something.

4. I already have purchased tickets to see Harry Potter on November 20th. Boooo ya! My oldest is thrilled.

5. I love Castle. It's such a smart little show. LOL and the strip club episode was a hoot.

May the muses have tickets

Bonus: Congrats to the winners in the Trick or Treat contest!


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