Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five

1. It's been a long week. That is all.

2. I'm down to 30 pages of editing, a spell check, a search for some junk words, and I will be able to submit. I'm hoping by Monday!

3. Reading another Young Adult book. Hate List by Jennifer Brown (I think). Wow. It's captivating me (making it hard to edit because I want to read it). It's a powerful book. Not for the faint of heart because of the subject matter and because of the emotion.

4. I'm bummed. Very bummed. I have been trying to read Bullet by LKH. I just cannot get into it. I find myself not caring. A minor character died and I was like, "Whatever." Not sure what it is. I read Flirt a few weeks ago. I read one other book of hers that I thought sucked and finished it. But I may have to abandon this one. Considering how much I loved Anita Blake in the beginning, it makes me sad. I used to read Anita Blake like I am Hate List.

5. How you know your kids are geeks: When you go to bed two nights in a three day span and find them up still reading, and they are so excited about the book they want to tell your half asleep mind all the details.

May the muses have books


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