Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Mix

1. Things are going well on Code Monkey. I'm enjoying the story. I wrote almost 9 K on it last week! I'm going to finish up this week if I push or the beginning of next week. It's all coming together nicely.

2. Gearing up for Be My Moon to release! Soon. *G* Very soon.

3. I've been suffering a reading slump that I posted about over at Loose Ends.

4. I'm thinking Castle is one of the best shows ever. Just when I think it can't get any better, it does. The episode last Monday night was one of the best ones I've seen. The resolution to Beckett's mother's death seems to have a plan, and I want to know where they are heading. The kiss? Smoking hot. "Thank you for having my back in there." "Always."

5. So with the reading slump I've been looking for things to read. And I've been rereading my copies of For Better or For Worse. Yes, the comic strip. I love it. Always have. From Farley the dog through the Lawrence storyline to Gordon to Elly's mother's death and her father's decline in health. My father suffered through several strokes so Jim's (Elly's dad) storyline is always poignant for me. I miss my dad a lot. And my mother. I adore the love between Iris and Jim and Elly and John. It's wonderful that a comic strip can bring out so many emotions.

May the muses have For Better or For Worse

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five

1. My first pretty to share:

2. My second pretty to share! I bow to Anne Cain, who is a genius!

3. After that, I'm at a loss for words! LOL. Not really. Proofing edits are almost done on Be My Moon. Release date is creeping up soon!

4. I have a guilty pleasure. It is the Cape. It's comic bookish and I'm finding myself sucked in each week. Definitely need more of the circus performers!

5. My cat just tried to type. 140000000000000. Not sure what he meant by that, but seems a good ending point.

May the muses have pretties!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Mix

1. Edits did go back and we're all set until the next round comes through on Be My Moon. Still can't share the pretty but will soon!

2. Had one home sick last week and we had a "snow" day off, though it was really a mix day and had a two hour delay. I also volunteered at youngest's Colonial Day, which ate up a whole day. Now they are off today for the holiday. I really need to get some work done!

3. Christmas stuff is almost all packed up. *sniffle* always makes me sad. But it is nice getting the house back in order, too.

4. I adore Castle. The one week before last was such an awesome episode. Just when I think they can't get any better...

5. Needs a nap.

May the muses have naps

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Mix

1. Have been working to get line edits back to my editor and have been successful at that! I'm sure she's happy LOL and so am I.

2. Have a new pretty to share and will as soon as I can!

3. Writing has been going pretty well, but was stalled a bit by edits. Hope to get further today!

4. Have a sick child at home :(. Hoping she gets better soon.

5. We are expecting a wintery mix here tomorrow. I was hesitant to use the word in my title! Don't bring it on. I'd rather have snow. Ugh.

May the muses mix it up

Saturday, January 08, 2011

A quickie

I'm working on edits...which has led to my lack of blogging on Friday or Saturday. Soon as I can come up for air, I'll update.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saturday Six

It was a grand holiday. I'm sort of sad it's over and sort of happy to get back to routine. Especially a writing routine. That I haven't had since...well, we moved and everything went topsy turvey. But I write this first day of the new year and plan to write most days hereafter.

My best Christmas presents:

1. Good review from RT for Geek Love (a web exclusive review and blog)! 4 stars! Several other good reviews, including, 4 hoots from Nocturne Romance Reads, 5 stars from Location 2571, and 4 stars from Night Owl Reviews!

2. My author copies of my new print book arriving and it going live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! You can take the ISBN to any book store and they can order it: ISBN-13: 9781611183559.

3. A Geek Mom t-shirt. From my hubby. Does he know me or what?

4. A Snoopy dancing hallmark ornament. I LOVE IT. Thanks to Mari of Marissa Alwin for that.

5. a stocking of stuff from Christmases past. My sister found a bunch of ornaments and such from my childhood tree and gave them to me. Made me very sentimental.

6. Beauty and the Beast tickets from my other sister. It's not only Christmas but birthday for the girls, too. I had really really wanted to go so am loving we get to.

It's 2011 and I'm very optimistic about the new year. Have a great one!