Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saturday Six

It was a grand holiday. I'm sort of sad it's over and sort of happy to get back to routine. Especially a writing routine. That I haven't had since...well, we moved and everything went topsy turvey. But I write this first day of the new year and plan to write most days hereafter.

My best Christmas presents:

1. Good review from RT for Geek Love (a web exclusive review and blog)! 4 stars! Several other good reviews, including, 4 hoots from Nocturne Romance Reads, 5 stars from Location 2571, and 4 stars from Night Owl Reviews!

2. My author copies of my new print book arriving and it going live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! You can take the ISBN to any book store and they can order it: ISBN-13: 9781611183559.

3. A Geek Mom t-shirt. From my hubby. Does he know me or what?

4. A Snoopy dancing hallmark ornament. I LOVE IT. Thanks to Mari of Marissa Alwin for that.

5. a stocking of stuff from Christmases past. My sister found a bunch of ornaments and such from my childhood tree and gave them to me. Made me very sentimental.

6. Beauty and the Beast tickets from my other sister. It's not only Christmas but birthday for the girls, too. I had really really wanted to go so am loving we get to.

It's 2011 and I'm very optimistic about the new year. Have a great one!



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