Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Five

1. I'm quite a bit over half way done with the first dragon story. I'm enjoying it and already starting to figure out the next story.

2. Hopefully will have some good news to share soon. Waiting on some officialness.

3. Firefly has been coming on the Science channel and Serenity was on Sy-Fy the other day. I'm having major fits to watch the whole series. The oldest just turned 12 and I'm it time for an introduction? I think she can handle most of the parts but she rarely watches TV without youngest and I know youngest isn't ready for Reavers.

4. Heh, yes, really enjoying Castle. Hubby and I agree...Nathan Fillion can say more with a look than most actors can with words. Loved the one Monday night.

5. Need something to read. *G*

May the muses have Firefly


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