Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Five

1. Not feeling well sucks. Especially when there is lots to be done.

2. I'm still so excited about Taming the Fire releasing. At least that cheers me up and keeps me warm on a rainy, chilly day like today. My pretty. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, get one! LOL. I just shared an excerpt with my newsletter group. See details on the book and my newsletter group at my website.

3. In a current reading slump. Haven't read anything to speak of. Need to find a good story.

4. Youngest wrote a piece about "Fall" and stuck it to my wall above my table with decorative fall and Thanksgiving stuff. She just "felt like writing it." Maybe I'll have a little writer on my hands one day.

5. The Walking Dead is still on my must watch list, though I'm having fewer nightmares about it. Maybe that's a good thing? I love how Daryl has gone from being this redneck bad boy, which he still is, but he's also the most optimistic of them all. "This ain't the mountains of Tibet, it's Georgia." Loved Castle the other night! Sort of a Sleeping with the Enemy theme. I love the beginning when he's like this bank is about to get robbed and Beckett says no way and then it does.

May the muses have NO ALGEBRA


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