Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The monkey is out of the cage!

Liquid Silver released Code Monkey late last night. I'm so so excited.

Love my cover. Love Baxter. Love the story. Yep, I'm snoopy dancing right now!

Blurb: Baxter Savage is bored at his job as a code monkey (aka computer programmer). He dreams of leaving his job for better but his sensual dreams of the company’s receptionist, Anna Marie, keep him at his job for now.

Anna Marie is the low woman on the totem pole who wants to be more and dreams of hitting the big time. When she’s asked to spy on a suspected secrets thief for a promotion, she can’t believe her luck. Only it means spending time with a code monkey, namely Baxter.

Baxter is thrilled to have Anna Marie’s attention and Anna Marie soon finds that the code monkey is a lot more interesting than she ever thought possible.

When she finds herself falling for him, will she answer the call of her heart or of her dreams? Can they catch the real thief together or will the code monkey lose it all?

Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.



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