Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Five

1. I'm discovering when I'm reading, I write more. Who knew? Hmmm now I have an excuse to buy books and read!

2. Am reading Fahrenheit 451. Just read Night Season by Chelsea Cain, who must lace her books with crack. I enjoy her writing style. Have Kill You Twice to read too.

3. Had an awesome idea during insomnia the other night. It's going to be a present for anyone who is a member of my newslettter group. Can't wait!!!

4. No word from the editor. Work continues on the WIP.

 5. Watched Warehouse 13. Whoooooaaaa. Didn't see that coming. Can't wait until next week. And Castle is back! I loved the season premiere. I suspect it's going to be a great ride this season. Watched Revolution. Meh. Still not sure how I feel. I like Miles but Charlie needs to Katniss-up. Watched all of Primeval. Am sad now that there is no more. Primeval New World still doesn't have a US distributor. Boooooooo hisss. Dr. Who mid season finale is Sat, too.

May the muses have books Mechele


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