Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five

1. The Frankenstorm approacheth! Not liking all the forecasts. We are making preparations for a power outage. Stay safe everyone!

2. Will be glad when the election is over.

3. Rereading the Stand. OMG I love this book. I'd almost forgotten how much I get into it when I'm reading it. The word usage. The characters. I bow to the brilliance of Stephen King.

4. The Walking Dead? Wow. Just wow. It's been an excellent start to the new season. I finished Rise of the Governor and was blown away by a plot twist. Not the best book I've ever read but that ending did catch me.

5. December 15th from 10-2, 20 authors are coming together at a mall in Richmond, VA for a book signing. You might recognize a name on the blog *whistles*. It should be fun so if you're in the area, make plans now! Lots of great authors and books.

May the muses have flashlights


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