Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Five

Whooo hooooo! Two in a row.

 1. I had a pepper plant. It had 7 peppers on it. Something ate holes in 4 of the peppers while they were still babies! 2 were from earlier and 1 poor little pepper was the only one to survive whatever ate the others. It's probably my garden's last gasp. Except for tomatoes. Because there are always tomatoes.

 2. Can't wait for Castle. And the Walking Dead. And Big Bang Theory. And Doctor Who. And Warehouse 13. I also want to check out Whedon's SHIELD. Which sounds wrong but you know what I mean. Who's with me????

 3. Friendships wax and wane. Sometimes people are in our lives for a short time. I have trouble with the concept so the kids definitely are as their lives slowly change.

 4. Yeah, I know. I need to WRITE. Soon. I've been looking at it. And writing my young adult IN MY HEAD. Ugh. I need a word processor that reads thoughts. I could be so productive as I'm driving from place to place...

 5. I'm reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn thanks to a friend's recommendation. I'm rather enjoying it! Next up Horns by Joe Hill (waiting at the library for me), Eat Slay Love (a young adult that oldest recommended) and Teeth (a collection of short stories by young adult authors about vampires). So many books to read. So little time!



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