Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happiness is a new release

Dear Rose 2: Winter's Dare released overnight! I'm so excited!!!!!  Rose Winter helped one relationship get together but now she has her work cut out for her. This time, it's personal.

Tucker and Ally have been Devyn, Rose's alter ego's, friends since college. And they've had a torch burning for each other all along. Now, the flame's in danger of sputtering out. Their friends with benefits relationship doesn't work for Ally anymore. She wants more, but knows commitment-phobic Tucker can't man up.

At least until not until Devyn dares him to make it work. And Tucker dares Devyn to help him.

With a plan that includes strip poker, a hot tub, a night never to be forgotten, it looks like Rose, that is Devyn's, sure to book another win. But can Ally and Tucker take the final plunge and make friends-with-bennies into forever?


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