Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Come take A Walk on the Wild Side of Wicked

Guess what released overnight?

I'm so excited that you get to meet Kari and Maynard and follow Kari's turn to the wicked side! 

Blurb: Kari takes a walk on the wild side of wicked and has a fling with a stranger in Paris. It’s the most impetuous thing she’s ever done. Only now Maynard has ideas of making the fling permanent--which doesn’t fit into her desire to be a wicked woman.

Experiments in phone sex, body paints and restraints all show her a side of herself that she never knew she had. But she refuses to lose herself in a man, refuses to let him take over her life just because she likes being dominated in the bedroom.

Maynard aims to show her that to know herself and to surrender to desire is the only way to truly experience what it means to be wild and wicked.

To read and excerpt and buy link click here


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