Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 reasons I forgot it was Thursday or why my Thursday Thirteen is late by Mechele

1. The time change. Uggh My body is refusing to adjust. And I hate dealing with kids and critters

2. The youngest was home sick yesterday and she almost stayed home today. Couldn’t decide if she felt well enough or not.

3. Because she was sick, we didn’t have our typical Wednesday activities so I feel like I’m a day behind.

4. I had to go to the library and pick up books for the kidlets. The oldest is reading multiple serieses and the youngest just discovered Amelia Bedelia

5. I had to go to the grocery store. The kids, hubby and critters expect to eat this weekend.

6. The new story. Amaretto is a pushy hero as is Leif.

7. Got two pieces of good news/things over the last two days. I’m still celebrating! Will share soon as I can.

8. Diva kitty sat on the laptop so I couldn’t see to type. And she really is a diva. Took two vet assistants to trim her nails at the vet and they now want to tranquilize her. I can’t trim her nails because she bites.

9. The neurotic dog wanted to play with her stuffed squirrel. Thank goodness she tore out the squeaker.

10. I was reading Duma Key by Stephen King. I’m rather enjoying it. Reminds me of vintage King.

11. Reading Broken by Megan Hart in the car and almost got honked at to move up at the bank. LOL it gets me into trouble.

12. The oldest had a field trip and danced around so much this morning, she made me dizzy.

13. The pile of stuff to do on my desk caved in *sigh*. I’m so behind.

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Blogger Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

Ok - I'm hooked. What's your good news?! Whatever it is, congrats ahead of time! *smile*

Amelia Bedelia Not familiar with this one, but sounds interesting. I have a 7 yr old niece. Would she be interested in something like this series??? (in other words, what age group for Amelia? - my niece is a good reader)

12:29 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

heeee. Very soon on the news. Thank you!

Amelia Bedelia books are for beginning readers. They are soooo funny. Amelia tends to take things she's told literally so it leads to problems. I'd say a 7 year old would enjoy them.

11:15 AM  

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