Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Five

1. I posted at TRS Blue today on Sex and posted at Loose Ends yesterday on laughter.

2. Having fun cleaning up the Man. I'm almost done! Whooo hoo!

3. 100 of the 200 mini muffins are baked. However, the little mini muffin cups? They stick to the muffins like glue. I used them for the 1st 50 and then quit. You can't get the muffins out! *sigh* so I maybe remaking them. Haven't decided yet. Thinking Day for the oldest is coming up fast (tomorrow afternoon).

4. We had planned on going to Washington DC on Sunday as a celebration. However, they are calling for icky weather. Not sure what we're doing. Will keep an eye on the weather.

5. I'm reading Einstein never used Flash Cards. I've been feeling rather hurried with our schedules lately and also pressed that I should be doing even more. From what I've read so far...I'm glad we do have some free days.

May the muses have free days

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend recap and looking ahead

Thinking Day went well. I really enjoyed presenting the 1920's.

This week, the youngest has a play at PTA. She's so excited I think she's bouncing. The oldest and I have to make 200 mini muffins for her Thinking Day.

I'm determined to submit Settler's Mine: The Man by next weekend. I've been through the first three chapters. I'd like to start a new project next Monday.

I watched Dark Knight just in time for Heath Ledger's Oscar win. I can definitely see why he won. His Joker was creepy, smart, and well thought out. Dark movie but really enjoyed it.

Oddly enough, LOL we also watched some of Big Bang Theory's first season. "I'm a fricking genius." The humor is so smart and snappy in that show, I'm really enjoying it.

Also watched the 2nd episode of Doll House. I'm intrigued by Echo and her storyline. With Joss Whedon, I expected one heck of a story and so far, I'm right. The hubby says it's a sure thing Fox will cancel it because it shows so much promise. I hope not.

May the muses have weekends

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five

1. I ate lunch with the youngest. They had Little Caeser's pizza. Yummmmm.

2. I went to the library to pick up some on hold books. Discovered a children's book by Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson.

3. Recieved a rejection yesterday :( but it was NOT a form letter. I moved up in the world. gAnd they actually gave a specific reason. That, I can work on!

4. I plan to attack Settler's Mine: the Man and give a once over before I *bites nails* submit to the editor.

5. The song of the day is "Good Riddance" By Green Day. "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the hand, directs where to go."


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump day blather

The sleepover went pretty well.I had fun and think they did, too.

Anyone watch Big Bang Theory? The hubby has been catching bits of it for a while and we've started taping it. LOL I really enjoy the humor in the show. Favorite line from the most recent one: Leonard on Sheldon "Sheldon is one lab accident away from being a supervillain."

Chat with pals Melissa Lopez and Marissa Alwin is tonight at 9 PM EST at Mspot chat. Come join us. I'm probably ducking out early because I'ze tired.

I read Pitch Black by Susan Crandall over the weekend. Really really good book.I did figure out who did it but the pace kept me turning pages. Really good plot and characters.


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Work is never done...

Finished up the Man yesterday and started editing a story I wrote about a year ago. It needs a home. It's lonely!

Boy, I had to cut a scene. In the long run, I think the novella will work better without it. But it's painful *sigh*. All those lovely words. Not to mention I like it. Which is probably why it needs to be cut LOL.

This weekend I have two 9-10 year olds coming to join my almost 10 year old and one 8 year old coming to join my seven year old for a sleepover. We are going to do a spa night. It sounded like a good idea... I hope it will be fun but I'm starting to panic.

May the muses have spas

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whoo hooo whooo hooooo

Settler's Mine: The Man is done! It will of course need shaping up during a read through LOL and I expect it to grow during that read through.

I always seem to rush the end. I do it when I write, that's where a lot of rewriting occurs when I reread. I rush when I read the end of books, too. Seems to be a habit.

May the muses have endings

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New cover, New release...all full of new!

I'm so excited! Got the new cover for Body Shots. You may notice a last minute series name change. Instead of I HEART NY, it's now I HEART THAT CITY!

If I ever meet April Martinez, I'm going to hug her. She's so very good at what she does.

AND I HEART THAT CITY: Body Shots released from Loose Id last night!!

The blurb: Joe and Daphne go to I Heart That City every Thursday night to celebrate being together one more week. They almost lost their marriage and themselves to a former lover, who only wanted Daphne.

When Amos sees the happy couple, he knows he must capture them on film. Only he really wants to capture them for himself. Inviting them to let him take pictures only makes his longing more intense. And he's not the only one feeling the sexual spark. Joe and Daphne find themselves attracted to the man who seems to find both of them desirable.

One problem: they've taken a break from threesomes. When they decide to try and see where things go, passions explode with body shots on camera, and on Daphne and Joe with tequila. But Daphne's past has her in its sights and it could ruin everything.

To read an excerpt.

May the muses have new


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Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday blah blah

The sound of a cat horking at 2 AM isn't pleasant. And the sound of a dog barking at the formerly horking diva kitty, who has slapped her one too many times, is very startling at 4 AM.

I need a nap.

I posted at Ladies of the Club on Friday the 13th.

I'm still not finished Settler's Mine: The Man. I hope to...this week. *sigh* Two to three scenes left.

I have something very pretty to share...very soon. You'll love it.

I'm getting very excited about RT in April. I got some good news I wasn't expecting. Will confirm it and share that, too.

May the muses have The End written

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Winding down

Just a couple of more scenes to go!


Monday, February 02, 2009

Not so much a quickie

The kidlets are home with me today. They've already had a couple of fights. *sigh* When they get along, they REALLY get along and I don't hear from them. When they fight, they REALLY fight.

Not sure what we are doing if anything. The youngest has the cold the rest of had and while it's not a bad one, she doesn't look like she feels good.

I blogged at The Romance Studio today on the Winter Blues (and got interrupted about 4 times LOL while writing it).

An update for writing: Settler's Mine: The man is about 4 scenes away from completion. I'd hoped to be finished by now but I'm also trying to "get it right" and that's taken some time. Hopefully by the end of the week...

Anyone seen Juno? During the weekend I was ailing, the hubby and I watched it. Really really liked it. The dialogue was snappy and fun. The story was real. It could have descended into a million different cliches but it never did. I was quite impressed. I had already heard a lot of the music and really like that, too.

On our toilet upstairs the flusher part broke. The youngest has become fascinated with how it works. She flushed it two dozen times yesterday because you had to open the lid and physically pull up the flusher piece. She also had to see how the one downstairs works and was puzzled that it was different. It's made me laugh all weekend how much she was flushing the toilet just because she had to take off the lid to do it.

May the muses have broken toilets to shake things up

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

A quickie

Hopefully a longer post tomorrow.

I kept meaning to post this weekend but time got away from me. Or maybe it was the smell of polyurethane in the morning. We (well, the hubby mostly) polyed two dressers this weekend and exchanged those for the kidlets's dressers. Or maybe it was canvassing the neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies.

I did manage to blog at Georgia's Crossroads Cafe today on Shaking it off.

May the muses have cookies

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