Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five

1. Blogged at Loose Ends on how out of practice I am at writing. Real life hasn't been kind. But I'm taking it back! Back I tell you. I've written 5 K so far this week and hoping for another 2.

2. Today did a clip on an 81 year old actress making her debut on Broadway. She's Kate Duffy's mother. Kate was an editor with Kensington who passed away a few months ago. The romance world was lesser for her passing. It's a neat story on Mrs. Duffy and she seems like quite the formidable lady. Just like her daughter.

3. Another neat story. The dogs of war. These dogs sniff out bombs in Afghanistan, saving lives.

4. Two Rita books down. Five to go. I've enjoyed the two I've read. I need to find time to finish the Lightning Thief. LOL much to oldest's dismay. She refuses to try the Lightning Thief on the grounds it might interfere with her Harry Potter addiction.

5. Okay, got a little behind in my TV watching. But have watched Castle from the last two weeks. Ummmmm whooooaaa. Each time I say, it can't get better, it does. Such an intelligent show. Just watched an episode of Dollhouse and boy, I didn't see a few things coming. Like a train they came at me. I can't wait to watch the next one, which we have taped, and the last one, which hasn't aired yet.

And a BONUS: Get what we might get this weekend?


May the muses have pets

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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On the love of pets:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. I have good news! Seek and You Shall Find...found a home with Liquid Silver! I'm very excited. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Do not get the stomach bug. Lysol, Purell yourself, wash your hands until they bleed. But stay away from that nasty little bugger if you can.

3. I've started the Lightning Thief and Magyck. Both very good. Oddly enough, especially with the Lightning Thief, I see a lot of the elements that Harry Potter used in the setting up of the story. They aren't the same but I see parallels. I'm going to have to put off reading both of them. Got my RITA books to judge.

4. I'm working on proofing edits for Another Dream, Another Reality. Always amazes me how much stuff I miss. I swear, I become blind to a story after a while.

5. Yes, I'm still working on the Rogue. It's been slow going. I think the story had a problem that I'm attempting to shore up. I'll keep you posted. I feel much better about it now.

May the muses have edits

PS: An added bonus: go check out this review of Another Night, Another Dream. Whoo hooooooo!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Entwined by Fate

On January 19th, Entwined by Fate the first in a innovative and sexy new series from S.A.Price releases. This series breaks the accepted boundaries on what is familiar in the shifter genre, by having Ophidians, or weresnakes as a focus.

Thirty females of the Ophidian race have gone missing, most from the transient nest of Las Vegas, a rogue and unofficial nest run by the Saint, John Merrick. Believed to be dead by every Archon in the states, Merrick leads a quiet and unassuming life, saving those of his race that are lost and need it most. It's a solitary existence, one that he hates every day. He yearns for his mate, the woman he left over a decade before, and the woman who thinks him dead to this day.

When Elise Rizdon gets the official invitation to the Archon meeting in Ohio by the leader of a new Midwestern nest, she never expected to see the love of her life at the woman's side, a man she was told was dead and buried. She lost him once upon a time, and she never fully recovered. Focusing on the issues, and not the man that has always made her body burn is not going to be easy. A disturbing event is on the horizon, one that threatens all Ophidian's and their way of life. In order to survive they will have to work together, give up old grudges and take chances on the things that matter most. Love, life and the continuation of their race.

And the reviews have been amazing!

S.A. Price has written a winner! The taut plot line and the constant danger lurking at every corner increase the tension as the reader anxiously turns the pages. S.A. Price does a marvelous job at integrating subplots and smoothly fitting all of the pieces together. The secondary romances developing within the plot line make the happily-ever-after all the more satisfying. Brilliant!
~Recommended Read, Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

“Move over werewolf’s there’s a new game in town!”
~ Smokin Hot Books

“It kept me captivated …I just had to know what was going to happen next!”
~Books, Books and More Books

"A sexy were species that really pushes the envelope! Who knew snakes could be so hot-blooded!?"
~Jennifer Armintrout, best selling author of the Blood Ties series

Interested? Check out why this book is getting such amazing feedback, and help us prove that weresnakes are sssexy and that scales could definitely be the new fur for you shifter readers!

JOIN THE REVOLUTION! You can read an excerpt here and you can buy the E book from All Romance E books and the print from Amazon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Five (updated on Sat)

1. Bronchitis sucks. It has kicked my butt. 5 signs you know bronchitis is kicking your butt?

a. You're falling asleep while typing at your keyboard.

b. Everyone says, "You sound horrible." And you know you probably look as horrible as you sound.

c. The cats won't lay with you because you're coughing too much. And they glare at you when you try and get them to snuggle when you start coughing.

d. You keep cough medicine in your car so you can chug it as needed.

e. The clerk hands you the cough drops you just purchased at the grocery store instead of bagging them with the rest of the groceries.

2. Needless to say the writer who was already behind in writing is now further behind. *sigh* I really need to get my butt in gear and place it in the chair.

3. Girl Scout Cookies rock! 3.50 a box. Support a Girl Scout and buy some cookies!

4. Read Artemis Fowl. I have to say, pretty good book. I'll probably read the 2nd one. My oldest wants me to read the first Septimus Heap book. I'm also getting The Lightning Thief after seeing the movie trailer for it. Hmmmm. LOL a lot of Young Adult choices there...

5. Haiti. I've been watching some of the coverage. My heart and thoughts go out to the people of Haiti. How devastating. I was watching about this 11 year old girl who was pinned under a building (which also contained the bodies of about 20 family members and neighbors). It was chilling. They finally rescued her but she had a badly injured leg. I can't imagine what's going to happen to her. *update* I find myself crying. I checked into CNN and the little 11 year old girl died after finally getting free from the rubble. A CNN reporter, Anderson Coopper, termed "stupid death" was happening all over. It's a case where devastation is overriding help. Courageous things are happening as are some tragic things. I did see a clip where they pulled out an 18 month old from the rubble alive and the baby was almost unhurt. A man from the Dominican Republic put himself in danger to pull this child out. Anyway, my heart is heavy for the things going on in Haiti right now.

May the muses have Girl Scout cookies

Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Five

1. Uh yeah, I'm a little late. Been one of those weeks and am glad it's over. Yep yep yep.

2. Tomorrow, I'll be volunteering with the little one at a gymnastics meet all day. Sunday sees her competing and then we run off to help host a She and Me Tea for her Girl Scout troop. Monday, I think will involve a collapse...

3. I'm taking two online classes right now. One is on Harry Potter and the other is on Joss Whedon and Firefly. It's really interesting to see interpretations about why they put so much loyalty in the public and captivate us so much. I can't wait to get even further in depth.

4. I picked up Artemis Fowl in the car yesterday. Had picked it up for oldest. Holy wow. If the rest is like the first chapter, I maybe hooked.

5. The oldest is getting information on middle school MIDDLE SCHOOL. I feel like just yesterday was kindergarten. I thought I'd be eased into it. Uh nope. They pick curriculum for 6th grade in January. She's already excited and scared to death at the same time. Going to be an interesting year next year.

May the muses have Fowl

Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Five

2. I'm determined 2010 is going to be an awesome year for me! Got some good news that I've shared, the CAPA award nomination and some good news I haven't shared yet Christmas week. Great way to end the year and plan to work hard in 2010.

3. I love decking the halls for Christmas. Taking it down? Not so much. It makes me grumpy. *sigh* I'd leave it up all year long LOL. Love all the decorations.

4. One of my resolutions this year is decluttering. Get 'er out of here. Sometimes I feel like the house is closing in around me. Note: This doesn't apply to Snoopys. *cringes* it does probably apply to books *sigh*.

5. I love comic strips. I've been reading a Peanuts 60th anniversary book I received for Christmas and a Calvin and Hobbes anthology I got for my youngest. For Better or For Worse is another fave, I've collected all the anthologies of that strip. Calvin cracks me up with his imagination. I think the youngest (and oldest) will get a kick out of that.

May the muses have Hobbes