Monday, October 31, 2005

May everyone have

a positively spooky Halloween!!!!!!!!

Hope the muses have many treats


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mommy Yippeeee Moments

On Monday, I went on a field trip with the oldest kidlet, who's in first grade. I had a lot of fun, especially seeing all her classmates. The kidlet is still at the age where she doesn't mind Mom around, she actually likes it, and they all are still at the age where it's "cool" to have a parent there. I'm taking advantage of that while I can, I know it will change very soon.

So I had fun, her classmates are wonderful. Definite Mommy Yippee moment.

I had had one earlier over the weekend with the youngest. She wrote her name Saturday night.

Not an earth shattering moment except with is.

My youngest is a beautiful girl who cannot sit still to save her life. Ever.

Apparently something I was doing (along with things in preschool) must have sunk in because Saturday night, she wrote her first name and HER LAST NAME, which I hadn't even really worked with her on much at all.

I'm absolutely positively framing it :) ! Along with the pictures from the field trip :)!

May the muses scribble

Writer Roar Moments

So I had a week where I had a few "I am writer, hear me roar" moments.

I got my first review for BLOOD KISS and it was good. Thank you so much The Best Reviews and Barb Hicks!

CONDUIT was accepted by Loose Id!! *does the acceptance snoopy dance*

Boy oh boy, did that alleviate some writer fear.

My other author ego, Melany Logen, came in 2nd in the Golden Gateway steamy/erotica category with TORC'S SALVATION.

Now my "I am writer, hear me roar" moments are usually followed up by moments bringing me crashing back to earth LOL. And yes there was one.

I know all the reviews won't be good, all the manuscripts I submit won't be accepted, and I won't final in everything I enter.

But it's nice to bask in these moments when they come.

May the muses bask in the glow

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's a jungle out there

Or rather in here. Yesterday was "Bringing in the plants day." I have way too many plants for the three windows I can put plants at inside. I love them, but the hubby refers to "the jungle" whenever I bring them inside.

Didn't get much writing done yesterday *sigh*, but I did get my newsletter together. It comes out on Friday. There's an interview with Lyn Cash, an excerpt from Ally Blue, a link to my first review from a review site. *snoopy dances* Amazing how things like that make you all gooey inside. I just reached 100 members too. Was thrilled at that. The newsletter comes out once a month with just a few updates during the month. Check it out:

I attended a synopsis workshop last Saturday with Mary Buckham. GREAT seminar. Learned a lot about writing the things. I used my current work in progress "Crimson's Rose" for the class writings. I also wrote about five pages of notes on it. I think in ways, I'm plotting it out before I write it, which is a first for me.

I did write about 7 pages Monday on it. "Crimson's Rose" is finally getting underway after a false start. I had a scene that UMMMMM went a little differently than I expected. It's kind of symbolic. We'll see what the critique partners think of it. Have you ever had an instance where a scene wrote itself but wasn't what you expected at all? And it's sort of odd?

Silvia Violet's Cup of Revelation released yesterday. It's a great read, I got an advance read. It's steamy and I read it all in one sitting. Wasn't my intention but I couldn't stop. Check it out:

May the muses have machetes (to hack through the jungle)

Monday, October 10, 2005

R&R in New Jersey--part 3 Signing, Dinner, & Home Again

After all the seminars were done, they had a book signing with tons of authors. It was open to the public.

Sherri's line was huge as usual. I bought her hardcover BAD title, Bad Attitude. If you don't know Sherri...check her out.

I stopped to say hi to Terri Brisbin who I know from various loops. Bought Jenna Peterson's Scandalous. Jenna has done several question and answer sessions that I've taken part in. She's been very helpful on the topic of promotion, so had to go see her in person.

And of course, I bought a great newly released book by Mary Stella entitled Key of the Sea. I started reading it Sunday, and I'm loving it so far. Made me laugh outloud a couple of times already. LOL and my four year old likes her cover. I had gotten some bookmarks from Mary and had them tucked inside the book. The kidlet took them and had to show the book to Daddy. I think she likes the land crabs on it. Of course, she had to point out, "There are no pictures in this book." LOL. Check Mary and her cute cover out,

As the signing wound down, Maureen and I passed by Christine Feehan's table. We talked to her for a few minutes. What a nice lady! We talked about covers and promotions. I gave her a buiness card in the course of talking. When we walked out of the room, I grabbed Maureen's arm and yelped, "I just gave a business card to Christine Feehan!" LOL little fandom moment there. Yes, I have fandom moments. The very first time I met Sherri, my hands were shaking.

For dinner, we went out with Sherri *grins*. Had a blast talking to her, Mary, Maureen, Janet (*muah*), Stacey, Gina, and a few others. Italian food and chatting with friends. It was a good night!

And yes, went back to the bathroom that was twice the size of mine, took a nice long bath and went to sleep in the King size bed. *dreamy sigh*

And on the trip home Sunday? I didn't get lost once! LOL I did get home to a locked house and no one home. And I had given a keyring to the DH before I left...with my house key on it. Good thing I had Mary's book to keep me company while I waited for the DH and kidlets to get home.

So that's my trip to the New Jersey RWA Chapter's Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. Had a great time. Came back feeling revived and jazzed. I scrapped my first chapter on the new work in progress (yes, with Rojo). Wrote roughly 8 new pages today and altered 3 pages from the old stuff I had written. I feel much better about this new beginning than I did about the other.

May the muses have keys

R&R in New Jersey--part 2 A little learning

Friday I missed all the seminars *sniffles*. And they spelled my name wrong on my badge.

But on my badge it had, "Published Author." Can we say a little thrilled by that?

I found my roomies, Maureen and her friend, Gina. Had dinner with them and we hung out a bit together. Also after the awards dinner and desert, we spent some time with Mary Stella and Beth Ciotta. Had a blast, didn't want to go to bed, but the time came.

I'm going to gush about the hotel room. It was gorgeous! The bathroom was about twice the size of mine. It was a suite and the rooms were huge. Saturday night I got a King size bed all to myself. *dreamy sigh*

Saturday morning, my roomies and I rolled out of bed to head down for a 7:15 breakfast. Mary Jo Putney was the keynote speaker at breakfast. I enjoyed her talk. She said, "Writing isn't fun," but that it was something we should enjoy and take pride in.

I won a basket at breakfast *snoopy dances*. It had a book by Tina St. John, bath salts and gel, candles, and soap. Smells very very nice.

My first seminar was on proposals by Ann Lawrence. I learned a few things on submitting to contests and to publishers like making the submission end with a hook.

My second seminar was "Adding steam to your love scenes" with Patrice Michelle. I got some things out of it and enjoyed it immensely. Met a Passionate Ink member, Stacey Iglesias and enjoyed talking to her for a few minutes.

Third seminar was the 2nd part of Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Promotion outside the box." Sherri is a promotion diva in my book. What she's done with the Dark-Hunters is phenomenal. Plus, she is the Author Goddess. Learned a few things about doing promotions. I adore her. She's so sweet and talented. Got big hugs from her. And a signed poster of the cover of Sword of Darkness, her book coming out in Spring of 2006. *cough* read her,

We had lunch (a very good one) and listened to Lisa Kleypas talk. Enjoyed her too. She was very inspiring. Trashy novels writer and all LOL.

The after lunch seminar I took was Christina Skye's "Creating the unforgettable love scene." Ended up going to both parts. It was good. I learned a bit on plotting, not only about love scenes but in general.

Yes, you probably did notice a trend in my seminars. I want steamy unforgettable sex scenes in my writing so am working to learn all I can. I'm taking a class this month by Angela Knight too on writing erotic romance.

Tomorrow (I hope), the book fair and hanging out with Sherrilyn Kenyon

May the muses have big AG hugs

R&R in New Jersey--part 1 The trip up

That would be rejuvenation and revitalization. I feel rather revived after hanging out with a bunch of people who hear voices like I do.

I just got back from the New Jersey Put Your Heart in a Book Conference.

I started out around 8ish Friday morning. Now it has been very dry here. To the point drought has been declared in some counties. So of course the morning I leave what do we have? Not just rain. I'm talking MONSOON. I didn't mind the rain, it was needed. But having to travel in it was the pits. 40 and sometimes 20 miles per hour down an interstate where the speed limit is 65 and people travel much faster usually.

Now I heard someone say this weekend they have the sense of direction of a clam. That's me. Only worse. I got lost in DC. And I do mean "call the hubby on the phone, no clue where I am, even he doesn't recognize any names I'm throwing out" lost. Was starting to think I'd stay in DC for the weekend when I finally got to a road to take me on my journey.

Went over the neatest bridge in Delaware. I'm going to try and put in a picture of it. It was a huge supension bridge called the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

I cheered when I crossed into the New Jersey. Got on the NJ NY turnpike. That was a fun part. No rain. And Def Leppard was being interviewed on the radio. Got to hear an acoustic version of one of my all time favorite songs, "Pour some Sugar on Me."

Then the road divided, and I wasn't paying attention. Why does NJ separate cars from trucks and such? Where does Mechele end up in the little Honda? On the side with the trucks. I was really worried at first, because no cars were over there but me. I'm thinking about Stephen King's truck story as these big semis surround me. But apparently cars can be over there, but no trucks can be on the cars' side. I was just glad I wasn't lost again or heading to a weigh station.

So it became time to get off the turnpike and go find the hotel. Somehow, I missed a turn and didn't stay where I was supposed to. So I got lost again. Really started to panic when I saw the sign that said, "Staten Island." I said, "Nooo! I don't want to go to New York." I pulled off at a service station and got directions to the area where the hotel was. I found myself driving around looking desperately for the Sheraton. Finally, I see this huge mall. I pull in saying, "Surely someone can direct me from here to the hotel." Call the hotel and get directions. *bangs head* I wasn't even a block away.

Tomorrow: The Conference & Seminars

May the muses have maps

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A minor rebellion

*puts feet up on the table, leaning back in the chair*

Name's Rojo. I'm a character in Mechele's work in progress. She's going to the NJ RWA conference this weekend so I took over her blog entry today. She's probably off watching some episodes of Firefly and dying to go see the movie Serenity, which continued Firefly. I don't quite understand her obssession with that series. Especially when she says she wants me to be a kindred spirit to one of the characters. Those of you who know the series can try to figure out which one, I don't see it. I really don't understand why she had to edit my language before she posted this.

Another author posted this quiz about which character you are from the movie Serenity. Mechele was Shephard Derrial Book. "The Preacher. Out here, folks need a minister, if only to remind them that God hasn't forgotten them. It isn't about making them worship, it is teaching them to do right by themselves and other people. Why is that so hard for some to understand?" 88% and none of the others were close, more than 20 points separating them. She was surprised. I wasn't. And hell no, I'm not taking the quiz. Don't really care to know.

*Sits in silence a few minutes. Puts feet on the floor*

I gotta run. Have to make her write a few more pages on me.

* * * * *
Which Serenity Character are you?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The scream heard round the world

Sounded this morning!! I'm sure you heard it. Because my DDH (definitely darling husband) woke me up by putting papers beside me, the printed out copy showing BLOOD KISS is out!!!!!!

*does a snoopy dance*

I'm so excited! It's listed on the front page, they sent out promos showing it's now available. There's an excerpt.

*does another snoopy dance*

Also my short story is up at Loose Id's Katrina blog. Check it out, let me know what you think, and please donate to help out with the devastation caused by Katrina.

Happy happy joy joy!!