Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Five

1. Posted at TRS Blue on Wednesday about working hard. Posted at Loose Ends about being on a Deadline (my attempt at humor). Posted at the Virginia is for Romance Lovers' blog a couple of facts related to the Civil War and Virginia.

2. Am writing writing writing. I've written over 10 K the last two weeks and hope to do that the next four weeks.

3. Deadliest Catch rocks. I felt so bad for Murray on the Cornelia Marie. And I'm amazed at how well the Time Bandit does on catching King Crab. Long live Ophie season that starts next week.

4. Toured the Virginia Food Bank yesterday and delivered peanut butter for a peanut butter drive. Was an eye opening experience. 50000 lbs of food travels out of there every day. Food pantries always need donations...

5. One day I will make it to the post office to mail Mari's birthday present. I bought it before her birthday. Was going to mail it before RT. Then, when I got back. It is in a box now. *blinks* one step closer to being mailed...

May the muses have crabs

PS. I've been waiting for someone to announce some news. Corinne Davies has announced her sale to Siren! You can read about it here. Corinne...I'm thrilled for you! I told you one day I'd say I knew you when. To a fabulous critiquer and a wonderful writer, cheers! I wish you all the luck in the world. But I know, as hard as you don't need the wish.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Society for Geek Advancement

Geeks of the world unite! For some reason, I love this video. Jonathon Coulton music. Geekdom advancement. What could be better than that?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Blah Blah

Happy Memorial Day! To all who have served, you have my thanks.

I'm writing writing writing. Trying to hit that deadline and make it sing *G*.

Did watch the season finale of Dollhouse. Really good. They've been renewed so there will be a second season. Should be interesting.

Both of my girls got good news Friday and Saturday. Made for a good weekend.

May the muses have good weekends

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chat tonight

at MSPOT with Marissa Alwin and Melissa Lopez at 9 PM EST.

Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Contest

First two books and a mug. Read about it here.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Trills

Yeah, I know I missed blogging yesterday. I'm writing like a maniac. Wrote 3 K yesterday. I need to get going today....

I did blog at Trampy Vamps today on what I've been reading and human monsters.

the muses have vampires

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Five

A day early....

1. Field Day is Friday with the youngest (hence the day early). It should be a lot of fun. Races, tug of war, jolly ball. And I get to do it all over with oldest in a week :).

2. Writing is struggling along. I wrote a scene that I knew didn't work and it took me two days to figure out why. But I did and fixed it! I'm aiming for 2 K or more a day and so far...not hitting much more but am hitting the 2 K.

3. Big Bang Theory had their season finale. LOL now I have to wait all summer to find out what happens.

Deadliest Catch is gearing up for the end of King Crab season. I really wonder what's going to happen with Phil Harris. Will he ever go back out as captain?

4. Checked out Scream for Me and Kill for Me by Karen Rose from the library. Haven't started them but really looking forward to reading them. Even if Die for Me did haunt me a bit.

5. So my county is going through redistricting. It's been getting heated as everyone has plans they like. On Wed night I went to a meeting on it. I had to cheer. One guy used the example of a 8th grader, Chuck who just worked up the nerve to talk to the little red haired girl to make his point. *G* Peanuts is everywhere!

May the muses have jolly ball

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Blah blah

So Friday Five didn't post last Friday...I don't know why. So I'm trying this again....Don't be alarmed if a test post (or two goes up). Technology is wonderful when it works...

Settler's Mine 2: The Lovers is now available in print! You should be able to give any bookstore the ISBN (978-1596328167) and they can order it for you.


Barnes and Noble:

I wrote 2 K today! Must write on very strict schedule though! Deadline cometh. I know where the story is going... If only I could hook something to my head to pull the story out.

It was Teacher Appreciation Week last week here. Thanks to teachers everywhere. What you do is appreciated. Big thanks to Mrs. Stanley who taught me how to read and opened up so many new doors.

I've started watching Castle. I love the premise! And that it stars Nathan Fillion...BONUS!

Read Karen Rose's Die for Me. Awesome book. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Had several twistsa and turns. I went to the library and got Scream for Me and Kill for me. Now must reward self on writing to read them...

I posted at Ladies of the Club today.
May the muses have joie de vivre

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You spin me round and round...

The big news: Settle's Mine 5: The Man has been accepted by Loose Id! I'm thrilled.

Other big news: Settler's Mine 2: The Lovers is coming out in print. Soon. Like probably available in a couple of weeks. *does a snoopy dance*

I'm now the mom of a 10 year old. Hard to believe. And she got something noisy for her birthday. LOL I need earplugs to write now when she's home.

One thing I had to do when I got back from RT is done. The other will be done as of tomorrow. Now the waiting game begins. *sigh*

Now I must write like there is no tomorrow. And when you have a July 1 deadline...there really isn't. Blogging will probably catch as can for the next two months.


Brenda Novak's 2009 Online Auction is live

Brenda Novak's 2009 Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research and bid on one or several of the fabulous prizes donated by editors, agents, and writers from multiple genres.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Brief Interview with Craig E. Chaffin about His New Book

How did you come to write “Unexpected Light?”

I've been publishing poetry for 40 years, and this is my second book. My first was published in 1997. This is my second book, 12 years in the making. It deals with many themes, including the usual four in poetry: God, Death, Nature and Love. The last section of the book, in fact, is devoted to love poems. And that was a main impetus for the book. I had compiled a manuscript entirely of love poems but no publisher showed interest, so I limited the love poems to my very best 20 or so and added poems on other themes, and voila! I had a publisher go all the way for me, including royalties—for poetry, imagine!

Why did you call your book “Unexpected Light?”

First, it is mentioned in the last line of the poem, “Prayer to la Virgen,” detailing how Christ was lucky enough to receive a donated grave.. But more so, when I fell in love at 45 for the first time (and it has continued ever since), I was shocked out of my mind. It was truly unexpected light.

Trained as a medical doctor, I had always been rational about love, thinking (in C. S. Lewis's words) that love should be the result of, not the reason for marriage. All that changed when I met Kathleen. And right after I met her my second wife e-mailed me that she was leaving—such synchronicity!--leaving me a perfect opportunity to experience romantic love for the first time, a gift I wish for everyone. And true love is not just infatuation but an abiding love, a love that puts on overalls and boots in the service of the beloved.

Where can we get a copy of “Unexpected Light?”

It's available through and all the usual suspects and any bookstore will order it for you. Best to order it directly from the publisher. There's a page on my website where you can do that:

It comes in hardback for just $20 and paperback for $12. I wish I could give it away but I can't afford it. Seven reviews have already been published, and I can say without embarrassment that they have all been glowing.

Here's a short excerpt from one of the love poems, “Valentine 2008,” where the speaker imagines his love as a waterfall:

Inside the moss-lipped haven of your granite
I hide behind your thundering skirt of water.

Your clarity dissolves all self-deception.
I would not recognize myself without you.

The shelter of trees is never so generous
As your pouring and thinning of yourself

Into the forest air. I kneel and drink
And like the alder rise up satisfied.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

RT Sat & Sun--the saga ends...or does it?

Saturday was the day of the big book signing. That I was to be sitting by Lori G. Armstrong at. *G* I had several books to be signed by her.

The day started out with breakfast and I snuck into the ball room where the signing was to peek. There had been doubts at first as to whether I could sign on Sat. So to see my books there was a big relief. I snapped a picture and got escorted out. LOL troublemaker.

Came back when it was time and got settled in my spot. Went to find Megan Hart and Lauren Dane to get get books signed and wound up buying their jointly written book.

Settled next to my neighbors. Adra Steia (who is also Ash Arceneaux) had sat next to me at the ebook expo. And of course there was Lori *G*. I had a lot of fun sitting next to her. We talked about stuff and she signed a bunch of books for me. I bought two of her Lorelei James' titles. Mary Stella came by and snapped a picture of both of us.

I met so many people at the booksigning. I promised promo to some and promised to look into signed bookplates for someone (I'm working on it! I swear!). Had a lot of neat things happen, including selling out of both Dinah's Dark Desire and Settler's Mine 1: The Rivals and only having one copy left of Secrets of Seduction II.

The signing was awesome. There's no other word for it.

Afterward, Mari and Melissa and I went to find something to eat. We came back for the Mr. Romance Competition which was cute. Then readied ourselves for the Dorchester party. Sam *sniffle* had to fly out so she left us.

Went to Dorchest and hung out for a while, then retired to the bar.

Melissa had to be up at *sigh* 3:50 AM to catch a 4:30 shuttle to the airport. So Saturday turned into Sunday very quickly.

Mari and I hung out most of Sunday together at the hotel and then at the airport.

I'm a little sad that RT is over because I did have such a great time. I met so many people and enjoyed myself. I had a great time hanging out with friends, both old and new.

Now, I have so much to do! LOL. I have some things that cropped up from RT and I also have a deadline of July 1st.

May the muses have busy times

RT Friday--this ghouls for you

Now I could relax LOL. My nervous times were over and done with.

My hubby called with a question first thing in the morning so the roomies and I woke up to Pour Some Sugar on Me. LOL

I did Club RT Friday morning, ran into my friend Ann and chatted with her for a bit.

Hit promo lane again. Attended a couple of publisher spotlights.

Went to the Harlequin 60th anniversary and had mashed potatoes in a martini glass. That was interesting.

Attended the Agent panel, which was pretty good with information.

Had to miss the editor panel due to an obligation. Thanks to Jane from Dear Author who twittered the whole time. While I was waiting, I was reading her tweets. Jane, you took very good notes! I appreciated it.

Had a snack with Melissa, Sam, Mari, Trista and Lynn. Then we got ready for the vampire ball.

The skit Heather Graham and the group did was very good. We laughed a lot and it had a lot of interesting music.

When dancing began, we ended up sitting with Lynn, Trista, Eileen and Brooke. We did a lot of table dancing.

Mari and Melissa ended up getting a centerpiece...a creepy centerpiece.

We shut down the party and had a now customary drink at the bar.


RT Thurs-I got nerve

Attended a panel on epublishing myths, which was good. Had an appointment, which was another cause of my nervousness but went well. We will see what happens with it.

Oh! On Wed, I met up with Mary Stella, a good friend, and Beth Ciotta. Beth just got a puppy and I have serious puppy envy! LOL.

Off and on, I went to help set up for the faery ball and also attended the mandatory practice. Realized I would be FIRST introduced. *gulp*.

Went back to the room and got into my faery dress. It was beautiful. I wore the hood and the wings and just adored it. My MIL rocks!

I had chosen to be picked up via golf cart because several others in my building were being picked up. I walked out and a golf cart picked me up...apparently the wrong cart as they called the room looking for me later. Yes, in my faery dress, wings, and hood, I got a lot of strange looks riding in a golf cart to the convention center. LOL.

Had a quick picture session, realized we would be eating on stage and *gulp* I was sitting right next to the stage edge.

The skit that Mark Johnson did was very cute, then he introduced all of us. I didn't trip or fall! Yay me. Sat very carefully next to the edge. Ate very very carefully so as not to drop anything on my dress.

Went out to the floor to dance after faery court obligations were done. They played my favorite song *G*. Apparently Mary Stella told them to *G*.

I shut down the Faery ball and helped to clean up. Walked back to the bar and had a quick drink with Melissa and Mari.

Next Fri and Sat.