Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm leaving...

but not on a jet plane.

Headed for RT tomorrow. See you on the flipside!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Seven

1. I submitted! Whoo hooo and sick feeling. Now the waiting begins. My fingers are crossed. Let's hope what I hear is positive!

2. After spending all day in Charlottesville with my sister, Friday night we had a spring carnival. I was a volunteer so worked my butt off. Then my youngest's troop had a yard sale with another troop. Got up at 5 AM and worked my butt off until after 12. Hmm maybe I will get some of that butt off! But that's why this blog is so late.

3. Five blogs for the price of one...

Trampy vamps on living forever

Authors of Erotic Romance on perspective

TRS Blue on longer days

Loose Ends on a wrap of a writing troubles

BWB on Avery Labels

4. Remember to tell those who you love how much you love them. Life is short. There are some things going on that are reminding me of that. We are only here a little while. Try to touch lives in positive ways. Sometimes people come into our lives and they are only there a short time. But the impact they have on our lives is major. Letting go is never easy but we all have to do it at some time or another.

5. I leave for RT in two days! Eek! Guess I better start packing huh? LOL actually I have, CD's, stuff for giveaways. I just haven't packed any clothes yet! Ack!

6. Schedule for RT: In case you want to find me!

Club RT 2:30-3 on Wed
writing with partners 3:45-4:45 Wed with Melissa Lopez and Mari of Marissa Alwin
Club RT 9:30-10 on Thurs
Faery Court Ball on Thurs
Menage panel 11:15-12:15 on Friday
Ebook expo 4-6 on Friday
Sat book signing 11-2

7. Dr. Who rocks. The premiere was last Saturday and we watched that and the episode last night. Love the new Dr. Heh, my kids are getting into Dr. Who.

I will try and set up something to post while I'm gone. But in case I don't...see you on the flipside!
May the muses have blogs

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Man still up for book of the week

At Whipped Cream Reviews!


PS Yes, I know. The Sunday Seven will hopefully be posted tomorrow!

Settler's Mine: The Man is up for book of the week!

It received an awesome 5 cherry review! Can vote here today and tomorrow.

PS: Will post a Sat six later today. Yesterday was crazy busy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

If I can Dream contestant

Listen to the song she wrote. Very talented young lady. If she gets enough votes between now and the 25th she'll win!

Listen and vote.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

1. Why yes, I am still beaming over my newest release, Seek and You Shall Find from Liquid Silver. I'm so so excited. I need to finish clean up on the Rogue and send it in to the editor. I've started a brand new story. It's a contemporary, a m/f and It's already fun. LOL showing my geek side in it so that's interesting to play around with.

2. I have been Giggled. *blink* a rite of passage among authors. Do I get a tshirt?

3. Ugh. My oldest is in 5th grade. Which means middle school is next. Had a meeting about the 5th grade party and talked about graduation. Yeah, I think I'm going to cry. Considering I have commercials that make me tear up...yeah, I'm going to cry. She is getting so tall and grown up. I think she's finally starting to understand why they don't have playgrounds at middle school. That used to bug her. Our last trip to the playground, my kids and friends spent more time tromping around the woods than on the actual playground.

4. I need more hours in a day. Who do we petition for that? I'm getting ready for RT and there's tons to do with that AND I'm trying to rearrange the room where my office is. I'm tired of it being a pigsty behind me and I'm tired of kids fighting over their space at the homework table. Time for a change.

5. Deadliest Catch started its new season Tuesday night. Oh man oh man. Knowing the outcome for Captain Phil makes it all the more bittersweet. I am glad he got to go back to the Cornelia Marie and do what he loved up until the end. I love the exchange of the two Jakes between the Cornelia Marie and Northwestern. Also loved Big Bang Theory even if the show took a turn. Will Wheaton's guest star appearances are classic. He's definitely Sheldon's nemesis.

May the muses have geeks

Monday, April 12, 2010

Seek And You Shall Find has been found

Released! At Liquid Silver!

Blackguard only wants to get back to the war his planet is fighting, but instead, he's picking up a woman. A seeker morph. She's been promised to him to cement an alliance his world desperately needs. When he's betrayed and all his men are killed, he's forced to flee without his promised morph.

Only a pod opens in the back of his shuttle.

The seeker morph, Annalisse, emerges. She's awake from stasis and is now in a sexual heat. Her body is demanding that she bond, and Blackguard is only too willing to fulfill her needs, except that he also must keep them safe from the enemies who betrayed him. Annalisse will become whatever the man she bonds with desires, only she finds Blackguard wants a woman much like she already is.

It's a race to a communications array that will allow him to get them off the planet in one piece. But once they lift off, Blackguard must resume his duties as ruler, which requires him to abandon Annalisse.

Will Blackguard seek out the woman he never knew he sought? Will Annalisse find the man who allowed her to stay true to herself?

To read an excerpt:

Mechele, the ever bouncing author

Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Five

1. *drum roll* Settler's Mine: The Rogue is DONE. The writing is finished. Need to go through and proof and send that puppy in! It's been a long hard road of a story. I'm happy with the book, just not how long it took me to write.

Ideas are coming swiftly in on what I want to do next...

2. Spring Break has been this week. We've gone to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid (great movie), played at the park. cleaned litter from a park, gone to grandma's (twice), had an Easter Egg Hunt, gotten a plane stuck in the tree at grandma's, watched grandma and youngest go up in a front end loader to get said plane, gone to the Richmond Metro Zoo (awesome trip but hot), gone shopping, gone over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and nosed around, played in the Chesapeake Bay, cleaned, gone to my sister's, hubby and I had a date night, watched two movies on said date night, finished a book, roasted marshmallows, played, had lunch with my aunt, will have a playdate with friends, and who knows what else. It's been a good one.

3. I watched Twilight with the hubby. I've tried to read the book. The youngest has expressed interest in the movies so wanted to see them first. I'm just never going to be a Twilight fan. I don't get the appeal. *shrugs* I know the fans love them, I just cannot get into them. Tried twice, failed twice.

4. Have to love the kids. Last night we were debating what to watch on Netflix. Oldest wanted to watch Liberty's Kids (a cartoon about the Revolutionary War) and youngest wanted to watch parts of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

5. RT is in 2.5 weeks!! OMG so not ready. LOL will have lots of fun but have done very little to get ready for it. I'm excited. Lori Armstrong and Karen Rose are going to be there. Two of my favorite authors.

May the muses have more time to prepare

Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Five

1. Love love this promo video for Deadliest Catch. Love the faces. The music suits Deadliest Catch so much. I kept hearing it and going "that sounds like Pearl Jam." Duh, it's Eddy Vedder with Rise. And it's got Captain Phil Harris who passed away between King Crab and Ophilio season. He will be missed. I'm looking forward to the new season though I'm probably going to cry.

2. 1.25 scenes to write. I really really really really really hope to get it finished up today. I had a spurt yesterday of 3 K and lost track of time writing. It's been a good week for writing so far. Can you tell I really want to finish it? Polish up the Rogue and submit next week. Whooo hooooo!

3. Today does mark the dawn of Spring Break for the kids. They have lots of plans for me. We are going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid today with some friends. Also going to a park because the weather is gorgeous. They also want to try and sleep in a tent one night. With my tent training, hee...I should be ready!

4. After this book is submitted, I'm spring cleaning. The clutter in my house is about drive me insane. Two pack rats should never marry and definitely shouldn't procreate. Everyone wants to save everything, and we don't have the storage for it. I have major plans for the room where my desk is. Only 1/4 belongs to me right now. But I have major plans for it! I'm tired of not wanting to turn my back due to all the clutter.

5. Castle rocked. The writers are evil for the two parter but my gosh, what a good story it was. Well worth the wait. The end was pure Castle in character. That show just gets better and better.