Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen or so Random things about Mechele Armstrong

Since 16 is close to 13 *blinks* I thought I’d do an extended Thursday Thirteen for a tag by Ann Aguirre.

The mission: list sixteen random personal facts or habits, and then pick twelve of my friends to tag.

1. My mother was told by a junior high school teacher that I “read too much.” LOL history has repeated itself because I was told sort of the same by my oldest’s teacher this year.

2. Part of the reason for number 1 is that when I read, I can tune out the world. My mother would have to get my eyes off of the book for me to pay attention to her.

3. Unfortunately, I can’t tune out things well with writing. I work best in a quiet house. I can’t even put music on for me to listen to while writing.

4. I’m shy to the point my husband has started calling me agoraphobic. I’m very quiet until you get to know me. Then I can be a smart aleck. *G*.

5. I like to sleep with the closet door open to make sure nothing is hiding in it after reading The Boogeyman by Stephen King when I was a preteen.

6. When I was little, my brother, who slept upstairs, told me the boogeyman lived up there. Naïve that I was, I believed him. The door to the upstairs was in my room. It had to be locked or I couldn’t sleep.

7. The first inside cat I’ve ever had is Diva Kitty, who we adopted from the SPCA almost a year and a half ago.

8. I have a Snoopy obsession. I collect small stuffed Snoopys that come with Whitman’s Samplers for Halloween, Valentine’s, Easter, and Christmas. I have a few Peanuts Treasuries, Flags, Christmas ornaments, blankets, and a shirt or two *g*. I also love to Snoopy dance.

9. I did writing type roleplay on a group for several years and still occasionally play, though not as frequently as I used to.

10. I’m a klutz. I fall a lot, I drop things. I’ve fallen down our back steps so many times, the hubby wants to ban me from them.

11. Red hair runs all through my family on my mother’s side. I have two red heads of my own.

12. I’m of Irish/Scottish/German descent. Armstrong was my grandmother’s maiden name. On my father’s side of the family, an ancestor invented a rather famous plow.

13. I’ve been with my hubby for over half of my life. He’s the love of my life.

14. I discovered a year or so ago, I love pillows and sleep with several, including a very soft bear pillow.

15. I graduated from a class of less than 100 as salutatorian and went to a college where I was in a class of thousands.

16. I didn’t read romance for several years but returned to it with a vengeance. I will read other genres but love the happily ever after in romance.

I’m not picking 12 LOL. I think I’d get killed. I will tag Melissa, Lopez, Mari from Marissa Alwin, Lyn Cash, and Corinne *G*.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today, I'm guest blogging

at Dionne Galace's.

I'm not going to squeal...I've been a reader of her blog for over a year...squeal. Ooops, couldn't help it. Check it out, comment, and win!


Friday, January 25, 2008

I blogged at Romance Excerpts Only today

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I’ll miss or enjoyed about Heath Ledger by Mechele

Like everyone, I was shocked and saddened by Heath Ledger’s death. I had followed his career off and on since Roar, a little show on Fox.

1. Roar

2. Things I Hate about You

3. The Patriot—Not my favorite movie but he was good

4. A Knight’s Tale

5. The Brother’s Grim

6. The Dark Night—I was really looking forward to him as the Joker

7. Brokeback Mountain

8. His accent. He was an Aussie.

9. His hair from his early days of acting. Long and curly *G*.

10. His talent. He was a great actor. He could say a lot with his face, which I think takes talent.

11. His smile.

12. I’ve read he actually sings in 10 Things I hate about You. If so, he had a great singing voice, too.

13. His choice of roles. He chose roles that were unique and different. I read he didn’t want to be the pretty boy lead so he took a lot of character roles. I looked him up International Movie Database and all in all, he didn’t act in that many movies. For him to leave the impression he has, it’s pretty neat.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Smut Meme

Corinne Davies tagged me *blinks*.

Isabella Snow started this Meme, it's just too much fun to pass up.

I used to hate getting tagged for memes, but it's been so long since I've done one I started missing them. So, I created one, and here it is. I actually had done a normal one, until someone remarked it should be smutty, so I've just edited it. You're welcome to post it on your blogs, the rules are as follows: You must call it the Smut Meme (obvious reasons, I'd hope), you must link to me in the title, and you must tag 2 people, and link to them as well. Oh, and you must post this little blurb at the beginning, like I've just done. Got it? Ok then.The idea is to pick one or the other, even if you prefer neither. I'll go first. If you want to play along you can answer the questions in the comments

1. Chocolate or Whipped Cream: Chocolate

2. Leather or PVC: Leather

3. Outdoor Sex or Indoor Sex: Indoor

4. In the Jacuzzi or In Bed? Jacuzzi

5. Bad Sex or No Sex: No Sex

6. Dominate or Be Dominated: Be Dominated

7. Thigh highs or Bodystocking: Thigh highs

8. Fast or Slow: Slow

9. Rough or Gentle: Rough

10. Bite or Suck: Bite

11. Role play or Reality: Reality

12. Dirty Talking or Dirty Talking To: Dirty Talking To

13. Edible panties or No Panties: Edible panties

14. Spanking paddle or Bare-handed: Bare-handed

15. Landing Strip or Kojak: Brazilian Landing Strip

16. Multiple Sessions or One Good Fuck: One Good Fuck.

17. Moaning or Screaming: Moaning

18. Older Men or Young Men: Older

19. Threeway or No Way: Threeway

20. Swing or No Swinging: No Swinging

I tag: Raine and Shelly Munro

May the muses have memes

Melany Logen has big news *grins*

And as I'm half of her, so do I!

Ingram's Charm released today. *snoopy dances*


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm blogging at The Romance Studio today

On anticipation. And how being an author makes me like a little kid wanting snow *G*.

Check it out.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Come chat with us!

Melissa Lopez (Mel of Melany Logen and Rissa of Marissa Alwin), Mari of Marissa Alwin, and myself will be chatting it up at the M-spot tonight at 9 PM EST. Come keep us company. Melissa just saw the release of her Aussie romance, Boomerang Love, so I'm sure she'll have plenty to talk about.

May the muses have chat!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My other author ego

Got a beautiful new cover! It's gorgeous. Anne Cain is a wonder.

Check it out. Melany Logen's cover

May the muses have new covers

Monday, January 14, 2008

Now that's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it

I lost track of time writing. *blinks* I was amazed to look up and see what time it was. Gotta love it when the words flow like that.

And as I wrote 3 K today bringing the total up on the yet unnamed story to:

Life is good.

I also received a SWEET review from JERR for Veterans: Nothing to Lose. 5 stars!! And an O rating. Stefani Clayton says, "Nothing to Lose by Mechele Armstrong is a brilliantly written story of love, loss, and the power of forgiveness. Mechele Armstrong is a gifted storyteller who captures the reader’s attention from the first paragraph and continues all the way through." She goes on to say, "This is a heartwarming story that combines steamy sex, an in depth storyline, with a true happily ever after ending."

I'm bouncing.

May the muses lose track of time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Only A Writer

I really have to laugh.

I went upstairs to lay down and catch a nap. Only I couldn't because I got a great idea for a story. And as it's the focus behind the next Blood Lines (maybe last), ummm I had to go draft it up. I'd had the general idea but this was the plot! So much for my nap...

May the muses have ideas

No Thursday Thirteen

I was going to do one on thirteen reasons why I hate a cold but LOL I can't even bring enough mind power to do that. Suffice it to say I hate sneezing, I hate runny noses, I hate chills, I hate tiredness, I hate coughing, and I hate that my mind feels like it is gummed up with cheese. I know I am lucky it's not more serious, it is a just a cold but wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Regular TT will return next week

May the muses have tissues

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A shout out and what I've been up to

My pal, Melissa Lopez, who's half of Melany Logen, just had her first release, Boomerang Love at Samhain Publishing. Awesome story. As her critique partner *G*, I've read it.

I've been a busy bee. Started a new novella and am about 3 K or so into it. So far it's untitled. Love the premise and the world. And it's a stretch out for me (that writing outside my comfort zone that I want to do this year). I also added roughly 7 K to the Sixth Curse of Spring and resubmitted. I'm playing the waiting game on that and two other sumissions with my editor. *chews on nails*.

Sunday, my youngest had an embedded earring in her piercing hole that wound up requiring a trip to the ER. She's fine now and so is the ear piercing. No more small earrings to sleep in. But I thnk I picked up a nasty cold virus from the trip. Considering I hadn't fully recovered from the last go round, I feel just icky.

May the muses have sleep

Friday, January 04, 2008

Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll

Voting began on January 1 and continues until January 14th.

My editor, my publisher, several artists I love, and several friends are nominated. And *cough* so am I. There is write in space at the bottom of each poll to post a new nomination.

Go vote and make yourself heard in the Readers' poll.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that can happen while I'm on a walk by Mechele

1. Someone locks the door. This makes me have to knock because when I left the door was unlocked so I took no keys.

2. The oldest is upstairs playing by herself, a miracle.

3. The oldest comes downstairs after I leave to see the hubby playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. Apparently, she can't play "that level" and whines about it.

4. Hubby, with teeth gritted, agrees to play another level, meaning he abandons collecting some minikits they need to complete the game.

5. The youngest is working on her school project when I leave. They have to decorate a snow bear. Apparently that involved candy, which was running about 50/50 to going on the bear as to in her mouth.

6. Youngest realizes oldest and hubby are playing. She abandons bear.

7. Hubby gets kicked off Xbox as only two can play.

8. Dog sees kids playing. She can't walk an inch without looking back to make sure they aren't following her. As they have no interest in her, not a problem.

9. She proceeds to drag me for next fifty yards just in case the children decide late to come after her. Thankfully we encounter no evil trashcans so she eventually picks a gait where my hand doesn't get torn off.

10. The children apparently start to fight about where they are going in the game, who's going to be who, and everything else. They both reach high pitch decibels. Hubby worries about breaking glass. Earlier in the day, if one said day, the other said night.

11. It almost escalates to blows until the hubby threatens to kick them off the Xbox. He relents and they start to work together, dashing his hopes of playing again.

12. I knock twice and the hubby decides to let me in from the cold and recreates the decibel level the girls reach and tells me about the 20 minutes I was gone.

13. Diva kitty has laid in wait for the dog while we were gone and jumps out to smack. She's now bathing, looking quite pleased.

Hard to believe I was only gone 20 minutes.

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