Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Five

1. I posted a week late but hey, I posted at Loose Ends on perception.

2. I finished proofing edits on Another Night, Another Dream. One step closer to publication. And I have a date! Can't share yet but we seem to be on track.

3. I picked up a book (Charley's Web) on a whim at the library by Joy Fielding. Really enjoyed it. Stayed up too late reading it one night. I've been on the move finding her backlist and they've all been good. She seems to write thrillers or suspense books. Some of the same themes but a different story each time. Her characters are some of the strongest I've seen.

So I wrote to her the other day. I've learned being an author myself, how much those notes do mean so I figure when I enjoy reading something, I better let the author know. I've had a few responses and some haven't replied at all, which is fine. I know authors are really busy.

However, Fielding replied in a half an hour. With a really nice note. Needless to say, she's moved to the top of my reading list. And her next book will probably be an autobuy for me.

4. Okay, I finally watched Torchwood: Children of Earth, which we had DVRed. I had seen a few post on livejournal about it. *taps fingers* hrmmmmm. I'm not sure how to feel. Some of the writing and acting was topnotch. But there were some MAJOR plot holes for me. And some things I REALLY didn't like. I can't help feeling they've destroyed the show with that miniseries. My hubby said he's seen some stories where John Barrowman wasn't happy with the direction it went in. I can understand that! I"m not sure how they will have a show when it comes back. And I really cannot imagine Torchwood without Jack Harkness. It just doesn't work for me. *sigh*

5. I haven't written anything in a month. *blinks* I was feeling braindead and little...out of sorts. So I decided to take a break, which I do think I needed. I'm feeling itchy about writing. I really enjoyed writing the last Blood Lines, which was very different than what I've done before (I think). I need to tackle something new soon. Don't want to lose my habit.


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five

1. Line edits are back to the editor on Another Night, Another Dream. Whoo hooo. One step closer to coming out!

2. My new counters and vinyl is all in. We're planning to paint. It doesn't even look like our kitchen. I love it. Ten years in the making... Course now I cringe when anything gets spilled.

3. My neighbors adopted two kittens. OMG they are cute. I have kitten envy. LOL and the hubster says, "Only if I move out." And as I like having him around, no kittens for us. I've been taking care of the neighbor's dog and the older cat this week. The dog is a cocker spaniel who is 12 and so very sweet. I'm going to miss going over there.

4. We watched Fanboys last weekend. I have to say it was funny. LOL I had no idea such an argument existed between Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

5. I'm going camping this weekend with youngest. 2 days with a Brownie troop in tents. Should be interesting. LOL and I'm wondering what time oldest and hubby will get out of bed. I picture neurotic dog with her legs together and the cats walking over top of them.

May the muses have camping

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend

Save the date! October 23-25, 2009 - The Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend is filling up fast! Sign up by August 1st to get the lowest membership rate of $160 for the weekend. (After August 1st, the membership goes to $175.)

The event is being held at the Suffern, NY Holiday Inn, located conveniently about 1 hour from New York City and most of the area’s major airports.

Guests include:

Jacquelyn Frank


Joey W. Hill

Stella and Audra Price

Bianca D'Arc

Rosemary Laurey

Jennifer Armintrout

Madeline Oh

Georgia Evans

Mechele Armstrong

Samantha Sommersby

Cat Johnson

Cathy Clamp

Eliza Gayle

Diana Castilleja

Leigh Ellwood

Tilly Greene

Selena Illyria

Adra Steia

Stephanie Julian

Judi Fennell

Kayleigh Jamison

Donna Grant

Robin T. Popp

Linda Mooney


Area attractions include the phenomenal shopping at Woodbury Common ( and the Forest of Fear (, held on the site of the New York State Renaissance Faire at Sterling Forest.

The convention is limited to 200 attendees so your “face time” with your favorite authors is maximized. We’re having loads of panel discussions, parties and a fantabulous dealer’s room. We’ll also be holding a massive charity raffle to benefit the CAN and Pets Alive – a local no kill animal shelter.

Sign up now for the best rates! The conference registration is only $160 until August 1st ($175 after August 1st) and the hotel is $99 per night, double occupancy. Lots to do in the area will make this a weekend you will never forget!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Six this week only

1. Waking up to a cat horking is not the most pleasant of sounds. So far we've had that, a storm last night knocked a mega limb down on the neighbor's shed so we've been helping with that, and the youngest cut her finger pretty badly. It's not even 9 AM yet. *blinks*
2. Drove up to DC for the Passionate Ink party Thursday night. Rode the Metro for the first time. I had an absolute blast. Saw Lauren Dane and got a hug. I sat with Skylar Kade, who is contracted with Samhain and Parker Publishing (whoo hooo) and Michal Scott, who was a double finalist in the Stroke of Midnight (came in 1st and third). Really nice conversation. Angela James spoke on digital publishing. Laura Bradford gave an industry update. It was a great party. I met and saw a lot of familiar and new faces.

And I came in third! I got to collect my certificate in person! I bounced LOL.

A full list of winners is here:

3. At the Passionate Ink Party I had an "OMG" reaction to who I was and "I love your books." LOL I didn't handle it well. I know I looked shocked, taken aback. I'm still sort of stunned to be on the other side of that. I've done that to several authors so I'm used to being on that side of that.

4. It was my first time on the Metro. I was clueless. And I have to give props to the Metro employees. They were nice and helpful and didn't make me feel like the idiot I was.

5. Yeah I'm a Deadliest Catch junkie. The episode this week where Jake had to leave the Northwestern and go home... How powerful. I found myself in tears.

6. Did you know Sponge Bob is turning 10? I know a lot of people like him but most days, I'm not a fan. LOL the kids are. They are excited that he's the same age as oldest. Well the oldest is excited. The youngest said, "Even Sponge Bob is older than me."

May the muses have exciting mornings

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Five Saturday Six...this week only

I drove up to DC to attend the Passionate Ink Pary yesterday, leaving me braindead in the wake of the travels. And I'm going to be away from the keyboard most of the day today.

So will probably do a Saturday Six, this week only.

Carry on.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cancelling chat tonight at M-Spot

We're taking tonight off for the summer. See ya in August!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to spare

I saw something disturbing on Friday. It was one of those cannot now get it out of my head moments.

A car hit a squirrel.

The disturbing part was that they had enough time to avoid hitting the squirrel. I was watching from my spot, waiting to turn. And in my head, saying, “Slow down. Slow down. OMG.” I didn’t say anything out loud because my youngest was in the car. Had she seen it, she would have had nightmares.

I think either the squirrel had been hit before or more likely just got confused being on the road with cars coming. But in two more seconds, it would have been off the road. Two seconds. That was all it needed to escape.

The car never slowed. Never hit the brakes. It had enough time to. Had enough time to slow itself so the squirrel could get off the road. Had enough time to stop really because nothing was close enough behind it to be a danger. But the car didn’t. I don’t even think they looked back.

I can’t help wondering why. Squirrels aren’t my favorite animals. They empty my bird feeders. They chew on things like my trashcans. But I’d never go out of my way to hit one.

Was the person on the phone? Didn’t see the animal trying to cross? Simply not paying attention on a road they’ve driven hundreds of times? Were they in a hurry? Couldn’t slow down because they had to be somewhere?

I’m not sure which I’d like to believe. Inattention or not caring. I’d like to think the best but after what I saw, I can’t. One tap of the brakes and the squirrel would have made it across.

I’ll never know the reasons why the incident happened.

But I replay the moment when the car is coming and the squirrel is crossing in my head often. Still can’t believe it hit the little animal.

Maybe now I’m driving a little slower. Paying more attention to what’s around me. So I don’t take out any small animals and leave someone wondering about me.

RIP unknown squirrel.

May the muses have two seconds to spare

PS I posted at Ladies of the Club on my brain vacation.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Five

1. Edits are back to the editor on Another Night Another Dream! Weren't too bad. I added a scene to the story, which I really like. Still waiting to hear on Blood Lines. It needs a name!

2. Haven't gotten far at all in the office reorganization but...I'm getting new vinyl in my bathrooms and kitchen. I can't wait. It will actually be shiny instead of dull! Of course, I'm sitting here now in hammer/saw central (on Thursday) and we had to move all of the furniture out of the kitchen so the entire house is a wreck. LOL. The kitchen table is in the living room. I think the kids want to keep it in there so they can watch TV at dinnertime.

3. Okay, who watched After the Catch? Edgar. Oh my goodness. I melted. It was so sweet. Deadliest Catch was good, too. Another Time Banditless episode though. Now the Northwestern had to go through ice.

4. I read Charley's Web by Joy Fielding. Wow. I stayed up way too late last night (1 AM). And got up this morning to find more books by Fielding. I have a reading goal of 10 this summer and am only at 2 so far. :( it'd be a shame for me not to go do something special for not meeting my summer reading goal.

5. Speaking of books, the youngest likes audio books. We had listened to a couple of Magic Treehouses. She was looking for a Stink book and they only had it in audio book. We listened to that and Judy Moody Saves the World. Next up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Bonus: We volunteered at the SPCA on Tuesday. If you're on the lookout for a cat, now would be a great time to adopt a new buddy. The SPCA was overrun with cats and little kittens, and I know a lot of shelters are having that issue right now. No, we didn't take anything home. We erm *whispers* thought about it.

May the muses have cats

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